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My husband recived 2 office chairs as brithday gifts and when we tried to return the chair from Cavalier Wholesalers we were told we would have to pay shipping $50 for a $49 chair. We contacted the company and explained that the box was never opened and they said they would forward a shipping label. They did we sent the chair back and my charge card was never credited. I have continuously contacted them and when you try and call the phone system is full and you can not leave a message. Emails are returned by someone named Brittany C. no email, no phone and her attitude is less than helpful. What reputable company doess not provide a last name and phone number for the Customer Support Team ? For the first time in my history of ordering through Amazon I feel ripped off by this wholesaler. I would never order from them again and I would advise others not to either. Amazon should remove or rate them poorly because they are not reputable.

May 29, 2015

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