eReflectRefund Scam

The software is real but there are free apps that do better and are available for mobile. Thus I asked for a refund. I should have known when I saw their ridiculous "refund guarantee" image on the website. My bad.

Anyways I've asked for a refund and have gotten 3 responses addressing *everything but the refund process*.
"Is there anything I can assist you with your copy of Ultimate Vocabulary?"
"Would you be interested in keeping the software and get any of the following for free?"
"I’d like to know if there is anything I can do to help you with your new copy of Ultimate Vocabulary."

I have a feeling this will continue...

I read somewhere that Ereflects refund works by posting to your credit card as a pending transaction for one year. Then once that year is up, the transaction is realized and you pay for it on your next credit card bill.

My guess is that most banks like my own, do not allow you to dispute a pending transaction. After a year passes, the chances that you'll forget about it are high, and that the window for dispute will pass unnoticed. Among other cues such as the phone number not working, this company reeks of scam to me. I'll be canceling my credit card soon enough.

Feb 10, 2015

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