Equinoxbeautiesmoney taken without authority

I answered an advert on Facebook for women to test beauty products for free apart from postage, which is when I gave my bank details. I received two pots of products. Tested one pot 3 weeks later, I started to investigate the company to ascertain where to give my opinion as no documentation was sent with the products. I hadn't ordered anything. Then I realised that an amount of £89 for antiaging skin creme and £95 for antiachne serum was taken out of my account on the 6 October 2014. I then received two more pots of cream which I hadn't ordered and to my horror I noticed that £95.95 and £99.95 was taken out of my account on 21 October 2014. I have emailed and telephoned the company several times. I have been refunded the sum of £89.00 and £95.00 on 31 October 2014 and have been told that my account is closed and no more items will be sent or monies taken. I still cannot get the refund of £95.95 and £99.95 which they have taken out of my account without permission. I have not agreed to anything, ordered anything (apart from free trial pot) and I'm told its against company policy to refund as I had not returned within 14 days. I have returned 3 pots (used 1 pot) but was not told of company policy, and certainly have not signed anything or agreed to buy anything. I believe this to be totally misleading and fraud. I don't know now where to go for help.

Jan 13, 2015

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