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PLEASE HELP... BEFORE I TELL MY STORY... if anybody else has purchased a puppy from epuppypro or lobopuppies and the puppy was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection/pneumonia and your puppy got better, please email me and let me know what antibiotic your vet prescribed. My puppy has been on an antibiotic for three weeks and isn't much better. I need HELP!!

Here is what happed to me... On July 4, 2008 I purchased a puppy from Danielle O'Neal of epuppypro. The puppy had several lessons on it's skin but Ms. O'Neal assured me it was nothing to worry about and that she had medicated the puppy for the skin problems. I paid $2, 300.00 for the puppy and signed Ms. O'Neal's puppy agreement forms and left with the puppy. The puppy had a slight cough which we noticed on the way home. Since I purchased the puppy on a holiday, our vet was closed. I planned to make an appointment on Monday, July 7, 2008. When I called my vet to schedule an appointment, they were booked until Thursday, June 10. I made an appointment for that afternoon.

In the meantime, the puppy was developing a more pronounced cough and the skin problems were getting worse. By Tuesday evening, the puppy was coughing and wheezing badly, with very labored breathing. She developed a very nasty runny nose late into the evening. Her skin was a mess. I called my vet as soon as they opened on Wednesday, July 10 A.M. I took my puppy in as an emergency. My puppy was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, a staph skin infection, an ear infection and ear mites. All due to her immune system being compromised because of the stress she has been under due to the things she has had to endure in her short little life. She also has a case of ACTIVE Spirochetes -- a type of rare intestinal bacteria that is usually suspended but not active if at all present. She was negative for parasites and worms... thank goodness! My vet says that we are not out of the woods yet, however. He told me that due to her living conditions and being transported probably in close quarters with many other dogs and puppies that she could come down with parvo within the next week or so, as well as kennel cough. We have to wait and see what happens because if a puppy is exposed to these diseases the incubation periods range anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks depending what they have been exposed to. The worst that could happen is that she could have been exposed to distemper which is very nasty and there is basically no cure. The doctor put her on an antibiotic (Simplicef) and an immune system booster (Forti-Flora). I had already been feeding her Danactive each day since I got her which my vet said is excellent. The vet could not give her any puppy immunizations due to her compromised immune system. My vet warned me that puppy mill puppies -- especially bulldogs are usually genetic nightmares and that we could face some genetic issues in the future.

Epuppypro advertises that their puppies come with FULL registration, however, I did not receive any documentation for my completion to register my puppy. I have bred a few litters of puppies and I know that when the litter is born, you register the litter and the AKC, UKC etc. sends the breeder a registration form for each puppy to be given to the new owner so they can fill out the forms to register their new puppy. I received nothing at all to register my puppy.

I have since learned that epuppypro / Mr. and Ms. O’Neal have been named the Defendants in a class action suit in Travis County, TX. They are accused of running a puppy mill: selling more than 50 sickly bulldogs for $1, 500 to $2, 500 apiece, and falsely claiming to have bred and raised them.

The defendants have sold in excess of 50 bulldogs with serious and/or fatal medical issues for between $1, 500 to $2, 500 or more, the complaint states. Plaintiffs claim the O'Neals misrepresent their business by falsely claiming that "We breed English Bulldogs & French Bulldogs. We know that we are the #1 Place for Top Quality Bulldog Puppies you can find, with excellent health... We consider all the puppies we have part of our family & we love and care for them." But in fact, the Plaintiffs say, "Defendants do not breed English or French bulldogs.

*** The defendants admit, instead, that they are a bulldog 'broker' and run 'an Internet-based marketing company for English and French bulldogs that distributes bulldogs.***

The defendant’s bulldogs purportedly bred in Texas are, in fact, shipped en masse by 'heads' and 'boxes' from Russia and signed for at Houston airport by defendants.

The City of North Richland Hills Humane Division has been inundated with enough consumer complaints regarding the poor health of defendants' bulldogs that said Humane Division launched an investigation into defendants' activities... Defendants do not furnish purchasers with 'Full Registration, ' or any registration whatsoever, for its bulldog puppies. Hence it is impossible to ascertain whether in fact these puppies are 'Champion Sired' or possess 'Champion Bloodlines.' Plaintiffs demand punitive damages.

I have filed a complaint with the Fort Worth, TX Better Business Bureau, Texas Attorney General and /link removed/

These heartless women must be STOPPED! They are putting these defenseless puppies through hell! I don't know how they sleep at night!

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  • Jo
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    Danielle is a heartless B**ch! Danielle O'Neil and her sister Melody should be in jail!!! epuppypro lobopuppies superiorbullies superstarbulldogs STOP SELLING SICK PUPPIES!! Danielle and Melody wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the head. They are both habitual LIARS!!

  • Jo
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    Daniel O'Neal sells sick puppies imported from Russia. The puppies she sells are not quarantined for 30 days. Not only is she selling sick puppies she is exposing new and rare strains of illness to other dogs in the US -- She must be stopped. Her sister Melody of lobopuppies is the same!!!

  • Ke
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    Wake up people all dogs and cats from any pet store are from puppymills period. There is full breed dogs that are in rescues for 3/4 of the price you pay sure you may not have papers but you will know at least if there is any health problems. I am not sure if the lady who runs this site still does it but got to and there if you have all your paperwork from a pet store they will track who is the orginally breeder if any complaints and if there was a problem when the dogs were shipped. My dog was on a trasport and when it arrived at it's palce 25 puppies had no food or water. What happens they are placed in cages in the transport with tuna tins with food and water and once they are in there is no human contact until it arrives at the place. I was shocked and also to find out the backyard breeder who sold the dog has had many complaints.

    So with that knowledge and info I have 2 more beautiful pure breeds that I paid 200.00 a piece from a rescue. Do you know people dump thier dogs because they have had a house redone and the dog does not fit. What the hell is that. I did work with rescue and after 2 years I was burnt out listening to crap stories or the worse the abuse these dogs who only thing on the earth is wants someone to love and be taekn care of.

  • Ag
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Did your little puppy make it? My boyfriend and I are going through the same thing, soo stressful on us and the poor thing. We had him for 9 days when we brought him into emergency to find that he had really bad pnemonia. We took him within 3 days of recieving him to the vet, and they gave him clavmox for his runny nose. We just got him home last night, he was on oxygen for 2 days and in the hostpital for 5. We did not get papers either, and supposidly he is from Hungry where the breeder lives and ships the puppys to her cousin in Toronoto. We want to take her to court, this is unfair for the little puppys and putting people through stress like this. If you could tell me how everything went? Anything that really helped the dog out? Our little guy is only 11 weeks...we paid 2500 for him and the vet bill was 3200..

  • Be
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Did you puppy make it? I wish I saw this sooner becuase there is a certain medication combination that helps bulldogs with Kennel Cough and Pneomonia. I bought a puppy from Danielle's sister Melody. He came to us fine and with in 5 days he developed Kennel Cough. He was misdiagnosed by three vets. I finally contacted the Bulldog Rescue organization who recommended me to their vets, and in Utah we have a vet that specializes in bulldogs. Kennel Cough gone wrong is what they called it. They put my little guy in an oxygen tank for a few days, did what they called chest poundings where they tap on their chest several times to make the dog cough, then literally clean the phelm out of their mouth before they can swallow it (since it's technically infected phlem). They put him on meds while they had him, sent me home with a weeks worth, and he was fine.

  • Be
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I 100% agree that it is not fair for the puppies either. Bullies are such wonderful dogs and have an awesome personality. Side Note: He cost me $2700 to buy him, $2000 in misdianosis, $1000 for the oxygen tank for three days, plus the emergency fee, the meds, etc. I think in the end he cost me $7000. I didn't get the papers I paid for either and only got CKC papers for him. He's 2 years old on the 24th of November, and tomorrow he's scheduled to have a groth removed on his anckle. Regarding the "get a dog from a rescue organization" statement. In Utah there is a three year wait to get one, in Arizona you can not take the dog out of State along with the California Bulldog rescue organization. I think a large amount of people would get them from a rescue organization if they could take them out of state.

  • Ca
      16th of Nov, 2008
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    Hello my name is carrie and forever i have wanted a english bulldog and i researched around and called who i thought was looking out for my best interest and to my dismay i was ripped off when i purchased a little puppy who came to me and within the first 72 hrs was hospitolized with pneumonia and i had to pay 2000.00 in vet bills. not only that but he has mites that we cant control so he looses his hair all the time. we just recently had to spend another 1000.00 dollars to have his tail fixed the right way. So he would stopp getting the very painful infections underneath the nub. i tried to contact danielle on several occasions where she wont return my calls. when i finally got her to call me back she told me how the vets i saw were trying to rip me off and that she would send me 200.00 dollars to help with the vet bills. Which i did not see for a very long time. I still have yet to see the papers for this dog and i have had him for almost 10 months now. I love him but i have spent over 4000.00 alone in vet bills never mind the 2850.00 that i spent to purchase him. I cant stand to see him suffer and take medicine all of the time. Lets get together and make her pay for what she is doing to these loving and caring animals its not fair to them or us!!!

  • Bu
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    The Texas Attorney General has filed a LAWSUIT against these PUPPY BROKERS!! If you have purchased a SICK PUPPY from them or if you have not gotten REGISTRATION PAPERS for your puppy...

    FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL!! Here is the information regarding the lawsuit:

    State Busts Up Alleged Puppy Mills
    FORT WORTH (CN) - The State of Texas accuses a married couple and the wife's sister of running puppy mills, misrepresenting the diseased bulldogs they sell for $2, 000 to $3, 000 apiece, falsely claiming to have bred the dogs themselves, and refusing to replace dead dogs with healthy, live ones.
    The defendants are Kristy O'Neal dba EPuppyPro aka; her husband, Charles O'Neal, also dba T.B. Elite Marketing LLC dba and; her sister, Melody Edwards dba Lobopuppies aka; and Vickie O'Neal Alvord, an officer of T.B. Elite Marketing and and
    The O'Neals operate out of North Richland Hills, Texas, Edwards out of Hurst.
    The state alleges:
    The defendants misrepresented the health of at least four sick puppies, claiming they had been checked by vets; one died the day after arrival; another one died soon thereafter; one has "two genetic disorders which left it unable to walk or stand."
    One puppy the defendants sold was ill on arrival and died within 6 weeks.
    The defendants advertise their dogs with alleged testimonials from customers, but at least one such customer "made no such statements and remains dissatisfied with his or her purchasing experience."
    The defendants use AKC and other trademarks to advertise their dogs, but refuse to provide AKC papers when requested.
    The defendants misrepresent themselves as the dogs' breeders, but the dogs have tattoos indicating they were imported. One puppy, which Kristy O'Neal misrepresented as bred at her home and "her kids' favorite" went to the purchaser "straight from the airport immediately after being imported."
    The state demands penalties of up to $20, 000 per violation.

  • Aj
      16th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I bought two puppies from her in which one had meningitis and cost me 10, 000 in a hospital stay to keep him alive. Both died only a few years young and I am devastated and hurt from the loss of them. RIP Davinci n Cinnamon ... We love you ...

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