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Phone: 817-225-5459

Believe it or not I was online looking for an English Bulldog for my girls for several weeks and uncovered a lot of scams online but I also fell into the trap. I had contacted Ms. Danille O'Neal and spoken to her several times by phone an emails and explained to her the gift I wanted to provide to my girls for their birthday. I searched and searched and finally saw a picture of a beautiful female red/white. I immediately fell in love with her. I paid $2850 in total including shipping and only had her 24 hours before she passed away. The puppy arrived with a large scar in the center of her belly that still had an existing defect and an abscess covering her anal area. When I contacted the breeder after directly taking the puppy to my vet about three hours after picking her up, the breeder denied the puppy having any scar or abscess. Right there I knew something was not right but I felt okay worst case scenario I am dealing with a liar but at least I still have the puppy. Mind you I only received a health certificate no registration papers or anything as promised to me. The very next day the puppy passed away. I took her to the emergency clinic but they would not touch her because they stated I needed to get a hold of my breeder first. I emailed and called and no responses!!! Almost 24 hours pass and I still have no answers or communication with the breeder. I take her to my vet and he certifies her death and states to me that I have the option of getting an autopsy but since so many hours have past he felt it would be inconclusive and its additional monies that I would absorb. I finally spoke with my credit card company and am in the middle of filing a dispute against this company for fraud! Will I get my money I really do not know but my girls are absolutely heartbroken as well as myself and now I am in the mists of trying to repair this damage with my babies by looking for another bullie for them.

My puppy also came with a tattoo in which I asked about and the response was I only do that so I can tell them apart for their pedigrees??? I also asked if her puppies were raised by her and she said YES! NEVER MENTIONED THEY WERE SHIPPED FROM RUSSIA!!!! If I would have known that I would have NEVER made the sale.

Then I come across Ms which I had no idea she was related to but luckly she realized who I was and cancelled my transaction before any fraud was committed.

All I wanted was to offer a beautiful bullie a good home filled with love and make my daughters happy. We are a good family with a large home and lots of love to give and it really saddens me that these breeders utilize these poor puppies as bait to steal from honest people like us.

All I can say is Beware!!!

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      1st of Mar, 2008
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    Lobo puppies and are in cohoots together. They are listed at many places over the internet as selling sick puppies, poor quality, and not sending the registration papers. They are listed as puppy mills on many websites. There are many horror stories that can be found by doing a through search on these two kennels. Their websites are almost exactly the same with a few changes in key words here and there. See for yourself. Go to a page such as the shipping page and read the wording. It is almost exactly the same. It is my understanding that these two are sisters. I hope this helps everyone.

    My recommendation would be to find a reputable breeder. Please check out the links below to see other peoples experiences.
    Melody Edwards
    Phone number: 214-994-3442
    Fax number: 866-514-9413
    729 Grapevine Hwy #351
    Hurst, Texas 76054
    (Between Dallas & Ft Worth)
    Danielle ONeil
    Phone: 817.225.5459
    Fax: 817.886.3690
    Mailing Address
    9013 Wild Horse Dr, North Richland Hills, TX 76180

    Lobo puppy, Lobopuppy lobopuppies 214-994-3442 866-514-9413 Melody Edwards 729 Grapevine Hwy Hurst Texas

  • St
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    We purchased a puppy from E puppy pro and the english bulldog puppy died within in 24 hours of arriving to us.

    When the puppy arrived to us at the airport it was covered in feces and was very weak and limp.

    We took him straight from the airport to the vet and our vet diagnosed him with a STRONG positive for parvo.

    The vet said he must have had it for 2 or 3 days because he was very thin and dehydrated.

    How did Danielle ship this puppy to us in this condition is what I kept asking?

    Well, My vet said she probably took a healthy puppy to the vet and got a health certificate on the healthy english bulldog puppy and sent us the sick puppy.

    I am just disgusted with Danielle. She will not return my emails or calls and has been nothing but rude to us saying it was our fault. I will tell everyone to please not purchase a puppy from this woman.

    She does not care about the puppies she sells. I also noticed that our puppy had a tattoo on her belly and after doing research I found that the tattoo means she was imported.

    Danielle never told us that our puppies was imported. She lied and said she bred the puppy in her home.

    Epuppypro needs to be stopped from putting any other family through what she has ours. I am just sickened by all that I have read about her company.

    I also read that lobo puppies is her sister and they import at least 50 puppies a month between the two of them and sell to us poor US buyers who only want a healthy, english bulldog puppy to love.

    Here are some links I found regarding her shady business and other customerrs who have been burned by epuppypro and lobo puppies.

  • Da
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    I am APPALLED by all the scammers online. This is from a lady in FL named Marilyn Nieves. She called me and gave me her sweet story about how all she ever wanted was a dog and have never had one. She was wanting to have a puppy for her daughters. She bought this puppy (not from Russia) from me and I took her the next day to the vet and she checked out just perfect. She flew to Marliyn who called me to say she got her and she was doing wonderful. SHe did ask me about her registration papers and I did tell her they had been ordered and I would send them to her as soon as they came in. Funny, not 24 hours, but 2 days later I got an email stating the puppy was sick and she was taking her to the hospital. I tried calling and emialing her 2 times that evening with no response. I asked her to send me the vet documents and all I got was a report stating she brought in a dead puppy. (didnt even state a description of the puppy) No autospy or anything. I offered to replace her puppy but needed cause of death. FUnny, my sister got a call from her the SAME day as her puppy supposedly died from a cheerful Marilyn with the same story of how she had never had a dog and wanted one for her kids. I told my sister DO NOT SELL TO HER - that sounds very fishy. She cancelled her deposit. NOW< I have been contacted by another BREEDER staing Marilyn called her a few days ago with the EXACT SAME story about her kids, never owning a dog, etc and says that she is cancelling her paypal since she "never recived the puppy" - THis breeder has called the local authorities and also is getting Northwest airlines to pull their cameras showing she DID get her new bulldog. DONT BE FOOLED. THIS LADY IS THE SCAMMER and she is buying puppies off the internet and cancelling her credit cards and re-selling the puppies. SAD - people

  • Ma
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    Dear Ms. Danielle,

    In response to your comments I will agree that I came across your sister Ms. Melody from and she charged my credit card and cancelled on me the very day I was to pick up the puppy and never credited my monies back...Hum who is lying now!

    As for the dog you sold me dear I have no need to lie I have professionals that are willing to testify to the condition of the puppy you sold me. Well you are right about one thing, I did buy the puppy from you but you had no idea it had surgery or any abscess now did you? So where did your tattoo puppies come from? Your backyard? Not only do I have pictures and copies of all the emails that transpired between us but these stories about you and your company just confirm my situation even more.

    As for the puppy I actually purchased, I believe I do have a right to do that right Danielle? Obviously my story must be true since I have been telling everyone the same thing but you wouldn't know about that because honesty is not in your nature! The breeder changed flight arrangements on me several times and yes there was a confusion at the airlines but I NEVER notified paypal or my credit card company claiming I never received the puppy I purchased! In fact I sent an email to MS. letting her that the puppy was fine and apologized for any confusion. At least this breeder does deliver what she promises, papers and all! Too bad she hooked up with the lights of you! So I suggest if you are going tell stories Danielle get your facts straight!

    As for your ridiculous accusations of me buying puppies then selling them, you are more pathetic than I thought! Maybe you should worry about your own legal mess and leave the real victims ALONE!!

  • Ca
      15th of May, 2008
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    My husband and I purchased our bulldog Brody from Danielle. He is fine except he has the elongated soft palete and has to have surgery which is common with bulldogs. But a few days after we got him he had tonsilitis and had to go on anti-biotics. When I called to ask Danielle about this, she wasn't the same sweet and helpful Danielle that toook our money. She was rude and said she had never heard of tonsilitis in bulldogs. We have yet to get any papers on our dog. I personally will never buy a dog from her again or would I recomend her company or her sisters. The both seem to be shady. I believe that she would sell sick dogs, we are just lucky our dog is okay for now.

  • Bu
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    Danielle O'Neal of and her sister Melody Edwards of are both greedy and heartless! They sell poor puppies from Russian puppy mills and claim that they have bred and raised them in their homes with their families. These two sisters are both habitual liars! They also have a sister-in-law, Vickie O'Neal Alvord of Biglovepuppies. They all sell Bulldog puppies. I speak from experience having purchased a sick puppy from Danielle O'Neal. I have communicated with many UNHAPPY people who have purchased puppies from Melody Edwards, as well. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THEIR CLAIMS THAT THEY BREED THE PUPPIES THAT THEY SELL...THEY ARE PUPPY IMPORTERS/PUPPY BROKERS! Google these names and do lots of research before you purchase a puppy online...there are many more of these GREEDY ### who keep the puppy mills churning out sick puppies. Make sure you are getting your puppy from a reputable home breeder or rescue a dog from the humane society or animal shelter. HELP PUT PUPPY MILLS OUT OF BUSINESS!! PUPPY IMPORTERS AND PUPPY BROKERS ARE BAD!

  • Kr
      23rd of Dec, 2008
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    I am very sorry to hear of your troubles with your puppy. Having been there myself, I would suggest you google "the wrong puppy" and proceed to their website ( and contact John Hoffman. His details can be found on their Contact Us page. There is a class action lawsuit forming against Danielle, and you should submit details of your experiences there. There are photos posted of Danielle's house, as well as stacks of crates in her garage where she kept the puppies she imported - the photos were taken by local animal control.

    John is extremely helpful, and will assist you in getting your information to the individuals working on the case.

    Good luck to you.

  • Sp
      28th of Jun, 2009
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    My husband and I also purchased a bulldog from Danielle O'Neal online. None of these comments were shocking to us because we had the same problems. We paid by credit card before driving to get the dog in Dallas, TX . We noticed that when Danielle gave us the puppy it started to cough and wheeze. Danielle said that bulldogs just do that. I knew something was wrong right away. We immediatly took the puppy to the vet after the ride home. The vet said she had pneumonia and had it for more than a couple of days. We did not think she would make it through the night because of her coughing, wheezing and throwing up. We called and e-mailed Danielle but we did not get any response from her until about 4 days later. I knew then she really did not care about this dog she sold us. She also charged an additional amount of money on our credit card. It took us a long time to get the money back threw the bank. The dog finally was getting better and then she had to get a growth removed from her leg. The dog is over a year old now and doing great at this time. I will never in my life buy another dog online. I just cant believe that nice Danielle will rip people off from their HARD EARNED MONEY. Now I look back and think how stupid of us to trust Danielle and now I know why we could not go to her house to look at the puppies. Please do your research before you purchase a puppy online and do not buy from

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