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After printing a large format print for me the wrong size, refused to refund my money to me, as well as failed to admit their mistake. Steve, the customer service representative, was rude and did not seem to even want to listen to what I had to say. After somewhat trying to help, they only offered me 10% off my next print.

Do not waste your time with this horrid company. When I e-mailed them about the issue, they were rude and insulting to me as a professional designer. I will NEVER use this company again for anything. Be warned!

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  • Ep
      9th of May, 2011
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    ePingo does not have a record of anyone by the name of Garold placeing an order with ePingo in or around July 2009 nor do we have email corespondance with a Garold. Our policy is that if a cutomer recieves a print that is not the size they ordered, ePingo will replace it at no charge.

  • Ba
      13th of Jun, 2011
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    Thanks for writing about your issue, I was tempted to order from them but will check out some other sites.

  • Ph
      28th of Jan, 2012
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    Company is not customer oriented please check out some place else Steve Langham
    President, is not customer service representative, it is worse he is the president of the company he is rude and did not seem to even want to help me out and told me this conversation is over with out even trying to give me options the post office lost my poster prints and his only option was to give me a 15% to make a new order that's incredible After spending more than $58.00 dollars, Steve if I where the owner of your company and you where be the client i would contacted USPS and tried to locate the package if i could find it, i would have giving you a 50% discount to split costs in half and you would be a 100% satisfied customer. Customers Beware Steve Langham is there only to make money and not to help you out when there's a problem. Remember you win and you loose you give options to help your customer and the customer recommends you but when you only want to win you get these reviews i think that people so rude should be behind warehouse and not in the front of a company. Hi Steve hope you read this!

  • St
      2nd of Feb, 2012
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    This customer is not giving you all the facts. His order was placed on October 2 2011 and shipped to him via USPS Priority mail on October 5, 2011. On Jan 23 2012 the customer called ePingo to tell us that he did not receive his order. USPS tracking told him that a notice was left on his door Oct 72012 to come to the post office to pick up his package. I informed Him that he should take the tracking number to the local post office and ask them to find his package. He was not happy with that answer and asked ePingo to print the order again and ship it to him free. I informed him that it was too late to claim lost or damaged shipment. That he had 30 days to report it missing after that we had no recourse to file a claim with the post office. I informed him that 120days after the fact is just too late. He did not like my answers and kept sending off emails asking the same question over and over. I could not do anything more for him than offer a discount on a new order. Not good enough. So I told him that this conversation was over. Since then he has posted half truths about Sincerely Steve Langham

  • St
      2nd of Feb, 2012
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    I had a similar negative experience with ePingo. I ordered an enlarged framed photo from ePingo. When the photo arrived the coloring was distinctively different to that of the uploaded photo and the frame lip covered the top of the print. I raised this with ePingo customer service who ignored the coloring issue and told me the frame lip was my fault and I should have read the fine print. I have used two online photo sites in the past and never had this issue before. ePingo would not provide a reprint nor would it let me return the photo for a refund.
    The general tone and content of the customer services email were rude. I would question how factual the ePingo response to the above post (or my post if they respond).
    There are a lot of bad reviews for this company on the online. ePingo is one many companies offering the same service. Save your money for a company that treats your business with value.

  • St
      7th of Feb, 2012
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    This customer placed an order for a framed print from ePingo and when it arrived he called and stated that the top of the building where touching the frame. In the discussion that followed we discovered that the customer had cropped the image from a larger image and that he sent the original image too ePingo for us to determine if we could reprint the image with more sky. We told him that a reprint would work and that he would have to place a new order for the reprint. We offered to pay for the shipping out of a willingness to compromise and move on. Instead the customer insisted that it was our fault for problem and that we should have contacted him before we printed the picture. I told him that we had no reason to question the composition of the image and that he did not ask us to critique the image. We do not question our customer’s artistic interpretation. The only time we contact our customers is when we find a problem of size, color, focus, blur and pixilation. Our when they ask us to
    make sure the picture will print well. In this case the entire problem was his in that he should have cropped the picture with more sky. Some customers don’t like it when you tell them the rules and will write bad reviews on complaint boards just to get even. I will be happy to send you copies of the emails for these customers so that you can judge for yourself. Sincerely Steve Langham

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