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The product does NOT work in the first place, so I took advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. The website does not give you any information on how to return the product and the only way to contact them is by email. I emailed asking where to return it and they replied right away. So I spent another $30 to mail it back only to find out you don't get the full purchase price back. I figured I could deal with getting less than half of what I spent back, but I didn't even get that. It has now been four months since I mailed it back and have not gotten any refund. I have emailed the company about ten times and have only gotten a default reply that states a representative has been assigned and will contact me within 24 hours. Have I gotten any reply after that...NO! They are a scam company and I would not recomend anyone purchase from them. They have it figured out how to have good contact at first, but when really needed to deal with someone they are completely unavailable. Also, BEWARE of other companies selling this product. I have gone on their websites to try and get a contact # for the Epila company and they are also scams that have phone numbers but they are for voicemails only! The only reason I didn't buy it on Ebay was for the moneyback guarantee looking back I should have saved myself a couple hundred dollars, because their guarantee doen't mean a thing.

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  • Br
      Mar 19, 2009


    I am having this same issue, only I have not received my product yet. I try to contact an agent regarding track information but all I get is the default "24 hour response" email. This company is a scam and should be avoided by all means. I now have to figure out how I'm going to get a refund if thats even possible according to the above post.

    so I'll say it again, if you dont want to be scammed


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  • Nb
      Jul 28, 2009

    I also bought one and it does not work!!!...Unable to get anything from Epila - they do not respond to emails nor phone. it keeps playing this awful jazz music...Now I am out 240$ beware!!!

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  • Ro
      Dec 22, 2009

    I'm unfortunatly in same situation w his company.I purchased the item and was mailed but wasn't home @ time and was returned to sender. Now I'm wout the item and no refund since they never returned my emails and they never answer the phone # provided. Now I don't know who to contact to advice the public that this is a scam and you wont see your hard work money again.

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