ePCheal / Software being hacked. They used the name Epcheal LLC

My son downloaded H&R Block Software on my computer. He purchased it online. He paid 37.85 for 5 free e-files. He e-filed 2, his & his sons. The computer was hacked & he had to shut everything down. Reboot the computer & we lost all information. I had to go close my bank account as he used my computer. The e-mail that was used was [protected] Due to the computer being hacked we had to change my e-mail. my e-mail now is [protected] Please could you send me a new download of the H&R Block software, we only used 2 e-files The efile codes were SPR6-TRXZ. I called a H&R Block # & they sent me how to download it but they sent it to [protected] & that was my old email in which I still have on my phone but don't know how to download it to my desktop.

Thank You,
Mary E. Trichel

Mar 28, 2016

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