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My wife who is Russia has an e-passporte account (

She is married to me, I am a UK citizen and we both live in UK.

We have been having nothing but trouble with this company since they 'blocked' my wife's account when she tried to use her card in Russia (even though we had told them that she was going to visit her parents)!

They blocked the card while she was in Russia which caused her a lot of problems, not having access to HER own money and being stranded and not having enough money to get back to where she was staying. After calls from myself they refused to unblock my wife's card as I was not the account holder, even though I was asked 5 different security questions.

When i called e-passporte they said that because the card had been used "in a restricted country" the card is automatically blocked and they asked my wife to simply call them!... from Russia!... hmm, easier said than done I explained. Firstly she has NO money and secondly it would from her mobile $3 per minute and she only had a few credits left on her phone.

After Inga came back to the UK clearly upset because this spoilt what should have been a happy and nice time with her parents we have tried to call e-passporte again to explain that she wants her money and it has been 4 weeks, maybe 10 emails and hours on the phone, only for them to say "sorry we need you to send copies of utility bill, passports etc" all over again.

We are so angry, and even though we emailed all the documents, we simply get an email back saying "thank you for using e-passporte, your documents will take up to 7 working days to process and only then can we unblock the account. Even one week ago we sent them only to be told "sorry we did not receive the attachments" I said ok then I will send them now and stay on the phone until you get them, I asked for the customer support persons name I was talking too and he said "better to call back in 5 minutes"

I called back after 5 minutes only to be told "Robert has gone to lunch" - very rude and very unprofessional.

It is totally wrong that they should be virtually 'stealing' and keeping HER money even though we have provided all the relevant information. I called the ombudsman here in the UK about this company but unfortunately they cannot deal with this as the company is an American company.

Hope someone can help because this has gone on too long. We are hoping to ask for some sort of compensation and or interest on the money, any help or support would be much appreciated.

David Wilson

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  • Va
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    A few days ago, I signed up for a Virtual Visa. Virtual Visa's are used for online shopping. It brings an added level of security to the process and you can use it for more unsavory purchases that normal banks may disallow. When I signed up, there is a box that says "Add an ePassporte Electron Card for $35". I did not click that button.

    The went on with the application and added $55 to my account. charges a $5 load fee for adding money to your virtual Visa. As I added the $55, it showed that it would deduct $5 from my $55 leaving me with a total of $50. It made no mention of any further deductions. When I clicked submit, it showed that I now had a $15 balance. They added a $35 charge for the Electron Card, which I did not agree to!

    I immediately called their obviously out sourced support line. I was told they do not issue refunds. I was then told they'd refer the matter to an activation department and I'd hear back within 48 hours. 57 hours later, I called them. I spoke with Charlie Nquyen, "Operations Manager". He told me that I must have clicked the button. I told him that I'm as sure as the sky is blue that I didn't.

    He did not budge. He continued to repeat "you must have clicked the button". Anyhow, I didn't click the ###ing button. And if I had, they made no further mention of the $35 deduction until after the fact.

    Be wary, they live up the ### in ePassporte.

    PS - The people that referred me was Bugsy's Club. They were unable and unwilling to assist me in this matter, so you might want to watch out for them too.

  • Mp
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    Hi there,
    I have big problems with Epassporte as well at the moment. I live in the Netherlands and have openened an account for my Russian girlfriend. Probably a mistake was typed when logging in and password had to be reset and it was promised it would be send to email address belonging to account. Guess what happenened? They just tell all the time by email it has been sent but it has not, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
    We checked everything. All the time the helpdesk of Epassporte sends this standard responses, like they do not read the complaints! For my gf who is in Russia at the moment it was very complicated and expensive to call so I gave it a try. It was dreadful, really a horror show! Someone with an awful strong Indian accent - so hard to understand - kept me busy for 1 hour, asked many security questions and in the end said it was my girlfriend herself who has to call. Because she is account holder. But that is so complicated and expensive from Russia and why did they not tell me tell from the start before wasting one hour with them? The other employee of Epassporte keeps on sending same messages but no new password has arrived at my gf's email address so far. I consider to complaint at higher management but I am afraid that is a mission impossible. And where is this call center of Epassporte located anyway, India? because both he one who sends emails and the telephone operator seem to have Indian names. The whole situation drives me furious. What should I do??? Can somebody help me?



  • Ep
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    Epassporte are 'thieves' .Google epassporte scam and you will see.Many people have their money stolen from their accounts.
    There must be millions dissapearing.Its like one big ponzi scheme.
    The address of epassporte is 333, washington blvd suite 345, marina del rey California, USA.
    They takes millions of pounds from customers and instantly block their accounts.You will spend a fortune contacted them by phone(india call centre)
    then they will take about 6-8 weeks to send the card to your girlfriend in her country.
    When she tries to draw money from atm it will be blocked 100% of the time!!! and she will
    have to go through the process of ringing up send id documents(she cannot afford it I hear you say!!!)
    Thats the scam.They money stays with the 'thieves' at epassporte.The company is a total scam.

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