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Epage Listings / Bogus Real Estate Lead Generation

1 22815 Ventura Blvd. Suite # 917 Woodland Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 818-444-7311

I am a fairly new Real Estate Broker - NOT dumb, just new.

Please NEVER Use Epage or MoneyTree. They are either one and the same or sisters.

I was contacted by MoneyTree first; promised viable, current (60 days or less), credit approved customers that were 60% of the way done and needed a Realtor; I was the lucky one - right!

From MoneyTree I could have all the leads at once or I could have about 4 per week. As long as I was in good standing (meaning paid up for the month) with the company I would continue to get replacement leads for ANY reason.

Good thing for me this only cost me $200; then I was contacted by "Chris Haddock" of Epage listings.

He completely understood my apprehension (I explained by experience with MoneyTree). He sported one guarantee after the other and always referred to his "professional clients that have been with them for years".

So after being hounded with calls every 5 minutes insisting we needed to do this RIGHT NOW, I said
I needed a copy of the contract he wanted me to sign as well as REFERENCES...

He stuttered and stammered, talked in circles and finally said he would provide them if I called them immediately. That wasn't going to happen and I said so but that I would check them out in the morning.

His references:

REFERENCE #1 Dick Norlune
The Money House

Google search and reverse look up showed:

First, this is probably another sister to "MoneyTree" and "Epage"

Second, this is supposedly a Mortgage Company
the address is a residence in Providence RI

The company has no website and there is nothing more than little tidbits that he may do mortgages.

REFERENCE #2 Tony Carcoza
Coldwell (Coldwell what? But this was to be his company)
(818) [hum 818 hum] 949-5215
This is out of Pasadena Ca, which is interesting because Pasadena hasn't had 818 as an area code for over 10 years.

reverse look up showed it was a land line either unpublished or not available

Now this is a company and a Realtor to boot; wouldn't you want people to be able to find you if you were a REAL company?

Searching the name I found NOTHING!

REFERENCE #3 Anatole Murha
No company name
reverse look up: unpublished; land line
out of Plymouth, Michigan

Name search: NOTHING!

DO not let these good-for-nothing waste of skin outfits take your hard earned money!

They sit around in boiler rooms; cold calling in these hard times trying to get a bite and when they do you can hear cheering in the background - like the raunchy car sales man's bell.

Spend 25 minutes on EVERY company that contacts you to make sure they haven't stole from someone else and are waiting to reach you when times are tough and you'll take the chance on a bet - and they will make you fold.

IF YOU ARE involved and they have your credit card number - CANCEL it IMMEDIATELY!

Never use your bank card; ONLY use (if you have to try it) your respected Credit Card company that protects YOU the consumer against FRAUDS!

Please HELP ME and our FELLOW companions in the same shared fields to PASS the word; FIGHT the fight; REPORT to as many as possible.

Contact me at:

and we, together, can alert every potential victim.

Send these companies names to your local MLS boards or the Commissioner in your state -

As an individual, you can reach many; as a FORCE we can PROTECT many!

Join me and contact me at the email above and we will drive these scabs into the abyss!

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  • Fr
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    as a realtor and broker, I was contacted by epage and signed up with their service. Hace received good referrals ans cannot complain about the clients that where sent to me with the exception of 3 individuals. This company is good and I believe in their product being I have closed 4 deals with them and was refunded my money back as they promised. Some agents can sell, some agents cant. :( Those that can't spent their time posting blogs when they should be selling.

  • No
      12th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Bogus company. SCAM. RIP OFF.
    I got an email from "Julie Sugar". When I called back, I got transferred to "Chris Haddock", who sounded all hepped up on meth. He wanted me to sign up for $550 a month and give him 15% of my commission and guaranteed me 3 clients each week. When I asked for references to verify the services he didn't know what to say. He said they had agents, but that they were too busy to talk to me because of the business he gave them. I just came from California. I know the market there sucks. No agent is so busy they won't take a call. He kept asking me if I was ready to make a decision. After a few minutes of this, I told him I wasn't interested and I ended the call. A few minutes later, he called me AT MY HOME and called me a ### and hung up. Now, I may very well be a ###, but Stubby there doesn't know me and can't determine that.
    If in fact they have such a huge amount of clients, they would certainly get their California real estate license and collect 25% of the referral fee which after three clients each week, would surely give them a better return than $550 a month.
    These people are con-artists, with only one or two people in some dingy low rent building in a crappy party of southern California. I have a phone call into the Woodland Hills police department and will be asking them to stop by and request that this company stops contacting me.
    I was smart enough not to give them any money. And I am smart enough to know the FCC regualtions on them contacting me again.

  • Rl
      19th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by Anita Davis, with E Page, who promised great, fresh 72-hour, verified leads for the Scottsdale, AZ zipcodes I was promised that the $2000 up front fee would be paid back in my first transaction and would just pay a 15% referral fee for every closed transaction for these new verified leads. I was told the phone numbers and emails were checked so I would only get good prospects sent to me. I checked the "agent referrals" Anita gave me and was told they received good fresh leads.

    Since the day I started on November 21, 2008, I have received over 50 leads - all disconnected numbers, disconnected emails and the few that I was able to contact informed me they had not been looking for a home for over a year. I was told there was a technical problem, I was told it was being worked on, I was told my leads were going to be "double verified" and I was told the managers would take care of this problem and call me back. Daily I have called and spoken with customer service, Ron the supervisor and Anita the sales person and still have been put off and still continue to receive year old leads. I have been lied to on a daily basis that these old leads will be taken care of and I will receive up to date leads. This has not happened and I am still being lied to by this company. This is robbery and they need to be shut down.
    I read that Marta Valdejuli has contacted the CA Attorney General and I am going to do the same. They need to be stopped and it will take more than just one of us to do this. Warning others is helpful but we need to do more.

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