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i purchased my first enV2 on october 9th 2008. between then and now i have had to exchange it for a brand new one 2 different time for the front buttons breaking and the charger port breaking. i have also had to return the charger for it because it wouldnt charge my phone correctly. and now the buttons decide they want to work when they want. this is my third enV2 phone that ive had...and this one is messing up now. im seriously considering switching companies.


  • J
      Jul 07, 2009

    we do have a lemon law when it comes to cell phones. if you have to exchange 2 times within 90 days on the 3rd trip back you are entitled to a comparable model phone!

    verizon corperate team

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  •   Sep 05, 2009

    my env2 glitches all the time. i have only had it for 2 1/2 months and it has different colors that appear on the screen and it randomly turns off by itself.

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  •   Sep 05, 2009

    my env2 glitches all the time it randomly has different colors that appear on the screen. also this phone will out of nowhere turn off by itself. this is not a good phone!!!

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  • L
      Oct 19, 2009
    United States

    I am on my third enV2 and I like so many other are still experiencing the same issues as I did with the first. Only this time I have the added bonus of my inside screen randomly not working. I had come to the point were I really didn't care if the outside OK key didn't always work but when the 7 and the 9 key stopped functioning with the inside screen soon to follow I was done. Now I am just waiting one more month for my contracted to expire with Verizon and I will be moving on to another company. It really shocks me that two companies (Verizon AND LG) that have built their business on outstanding customer service are so willing to let this phone drive them out of the lime light.

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