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Rhett Doolittle and Nate Reis are the worst of the worse... They only train new-to-the-industry sales reps and they train them with lies! I just met with one of their Dallas TX reps that explained to me a MUST READ BEFORE DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! From the start their employees are led to believe that Entrust Bankcard is in fact "the interchange."

Then the reps are given a computer program by the name of "MERCHANT GENIUS" that is only used to show false savings through only computing their mark up. WARNING, the fees they show you are only there own... THEY WILL DOUBLE YOUR FEES!!! It does't stop there... Rhett Doolittle and Nate Reis have also created an elaborate flow chart that shows that they will cut out the middle man and get small businesses processing through the Interchange.

Listen up everyone!!! These lies can and will put this company out of business which is exactly what America needs. I recommend you schedule and appointment with them and record the entire ordeal. Ask the sales rep specific questions about who they are and what they do... This company will lock you into a 5 year contract with a non cancelable lease from a company called AZURA LEASING aka LADCO and they WILL CHARGE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO CANCEL ASIDE FROM THE THOUSANDS THAT YOU WILL LOSE BY PROCESSING WITH THEM.

Check them out on the BBB website and save yourself the debt of signing a contract with these fraudulent scam artists. Disregard any and all videos you see about them on Youtube, they have apparently hired a media specialist to make them look amazing, but behind the scene is a grim truth of lies and deceit.

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      13th of Jun, 2011
    Entrust Bankcard - fraud
    Entrust Bankcard
    United States

    Entrust Bankcard is a scam - verbally promising much and ha syou sign a half filled out contract. After you sign it, then they type additional information in including an equipment lease for 60 months at $125. Also, they added a Member fe eof $25 per month. The rates are not better than I had and they do not return phone calls. Run from them.

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      18th of Apr, 2012

    same thing happen to me they are holding my fund for high risk transaction.

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      8th of Nov, 2012

    The Attorney General office in Arizona is putting together a class action suit against ENTRUST BANK CARD, AZURA LEASING, LADCO, AND THEIR OTHER COMPANIES.


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