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Entertainment Rewards / Fraud and stealing!

1 1414 E. Maple RdTroy, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-364-1333

They charge you $9.00 every month for some rewards you probably don't even get. After I read other reports on this same Entertainment Rewards I looked at Ticketmaster and noticed under their privacy policy that certain third parties are shared your billing information. So far $18.00 dollars have been deducted from my credit card I will report fraudulent charges to my credit card company.

I think Ticketmaster should have some fault with this because they must be paid by Entertainment Rewards in order to get the information.

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  • Va
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    Entertainment Rewards - Scam and cheating!
    Entertainment Rewards
    1414 E Maple Rd
    United States
    Phone: 866-3641333

    I purchased two Diego live tickets from Ticketmaster and without my knowledge was automatically enrolled in an Entertainment Rewards Program. They automatically took $9.00 off my credit card which happened to be linked to my checking account. The automatic debit made my account go negative, so then I was charged an additional 27.00 by my bank. To say the least, it sent my checking account into a bit of a downward spiral. I am currently nearly 100 dollars negative. I was out of town when the debit from Entertainment Rewards hit my checking account attending my father's funeral. I feel very betrayed and ignorant. Shame on Entertainment Rewards for doing such a thing to unsuspecting people.

  • Am
      16th of May, 2008
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    The same thing happened to me didnt even notice til my husband ask me what the charge was, after they charged 18 dollars to our checking account. I didnt receive anything letting me know i was a member of this rewarding club (not really). They are a scam cuz u dont even know that u are giving them ur account info and betting on that u wont notice that they charging ur account cuz its only 9 dollars, must people dont notice 9 dollars missing. its seems like companies today scam u every way they can.

  • Da
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    This happened to me as well, except I was dumb enough not to notice it for 8 months! I called to complain and cancel, and they told me they would refund me one month's worth--$9. I will never use ticketmaster again! This is a disgrace and I don't know why someone doesn't shut this company down.

  • Cr
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Entertainment Rewards and Ticketmaster have done this to many persons. They are both owned by the same corporate entity - IAC/Interactivecorp. They very obviously worked together to make these transactions happen. I have read several complaints online of this happening. I would encourage anyone who feels they have been victimized by this scam to contact Dreir LLP, who is organizing a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of litigants claiming they have been victimized. I would send an e-mail directly to and ask to be added to the potential class.

  • Ne
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I to have been duped, losing 54 dollars. I traced it back to Baseball tickets that I got in August through ticket master. I am going to email the address above, I hope that is not a scam too! :) I called and had it canceled but to be safe I just closed the card, and I am looking for the same charge on other accounts. That would really suck, I got several tickets to games last year using different accounts.

  • Ja
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    I had the same situation - I was unknowingly entered with my Chase visa card. I suspected Chase was at fault - the first person I spoke to offered to "connect me to someone with Entertainment Rewards", then disconnected me. When I called back, the next two operators I spoke with had never heard of such a rewards program. After arguing a little bit, they connected me directly to Entertainment Rewards, which told me it was because of ticketmaster. Apparently if you enter your email address into ticketmaster twice, you "receive the opportunity" for a 30-day free trial of Entertainment Rewards, after which they charge you $9 a month. I have no recollection of signing up, nor would I ever knowingly sign up for such an obvious rip-off, as these things always are, so I don't even know how I ended up on this program other than foul play, but they had all of my information, including my email address and phone number, so when you purchase tickets on ticketmaster, WATCH OUT!!!

  • Ca
      12th of Mar, 2009
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  • Ma
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Never again buy tickets from, they steal your money by selling your private banking informatin to third parties who eventually charge you for some sort of membership like entertaintment rewards. I was charged with the same 9 dollar fee for over two months and was not even alerted of the membership I supposedly had acquired. It's a SCAM, it's called stealing money! For what I thought was a reputable web-based service, it's incredibly dissapointing and I certainly would NOT advice anyone to purchase tickets through them.

  • Ba
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    Unfortunately I have been getting scammed as well (i'm not sure how long because my credit card only goes back three months), however, I was reading their privacy policy and it said it may give third party websites your personal information but it never says that it would give your financial information to the website. Ticketmaster states personal information as your name, email address and financial information as your credit card number and expiration date, billing address, etc. Unless it does and i am missing it?

  • Ma
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    Usually, you have to "opt in" to get this charge on your credit card. When you buy tickets, a message pops up that you can save money on a future ticket purchase. Read the fine print, and you will find that you are signing up to a service with a monthly charge if you accept it. Unless Ticketmaster is doing this behind people's backs in some cases, you just have to be really careful when you buy tickets from them and you can avoid it. Also, some people's computer displays are set up in such a way that sometimes you don't see the whole window, and you can accidentally hit "buttons" without intending to. It can happen by accident. But it's a deceptive business practice that they make these "special offers" with every transaction, opening you up to accidentally getting signed up for something you don't want and may pay for without realizing it. Check your credit card statements every month and go through every item, because you never know.

  • Ja
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    Entertainment Rewards - fraudulent coupons
    Entertainment Rewards
    United States
    Phone: 866-364-1333

    I bought tickets online for a movie (I believe) through Ticket Master which took me directly to the Entertainment Rewards website. It offered "free" coupons to download and print out. I had NO idea they would charge my credit card every month for three months of $9. When I inquired at my credit card company, they told me that it was an outside company, not their rewards system, they immediately put in a fraudulent claim on my behalf. I then called the number given on my statement and spoke to Mitch, #128, who was very nice despite the chewing gum. he proceeded to tell the rules and regulations of said company and that he would be able to refund only one month, as was their policy. I explained I was led to believe that these coupons were free to the public. His only retort was to tell me within 180 days if I had made a second purchase with Ticket Master, I could have received a $25 check.

  • Ca
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    Entertainment Rewards - Unauthrized charges and membership
    Entertainment Rewards
    Los Angeles
    United States

    I bought a ticket from Ticket master and I was automatically signed up for some entertainment rewards and they have been charging my account since jan 2009. I did not notice the charges being preoccupied with my problems and they have been taking advantage of my situation and now refuse to refund the money. they want to give back only 9 dollars out of the $90 dollars. This is crazy, i know very well, i refused their offer for a membership and i still got signed up. Please suggest some way I can get this refunded.

  • Sq
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    I plan to file a formal complaint with my state's Attorney General, as well as explore the possibility of filing in small claims court. Also, the representative I spoke with from my bank candidly told me to be wary of *ALL* online ticket purchasing services. I will, and will tell ALL of my friends never to purchase tickets through Ticket Web or Ticket Master.

  • Jr
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    I just discovered that I have been scammed for the past 16th months! the same thing happened with (through The latter owes me $380.00. There is a lawsuit against reservationrewards. Can't we get one started for entertainmentrewards?

  • Ma
      4th of Feb, 2010
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    How do you get in touch with them they have been taking 9 dollars out of my account i don't remember signing up for anything i'll just be happy to have this stopped come out of my card.

  • Bu
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    Entertaniment rewards has been taking $9.00 a month out of my account since late 08 and I had no idea. I purchased show tickets one time and somehow got signed up for this rediculous program that saves money on coupons and what not. I had no idea. I didn't notice this because I don't look at my credit card statements because I don't use my credit card anymore. The balance hasn't been going down with payments and I assumed it was because of the high rate, so I looked and noticed this charge has been happening monthly without authorization. I am furious and feel so taken advantage of. When I purchase tickets for something, I assume that's what I'm clicking agree options for and inputing my info for, not for some stupid discount site. I've never even logged in to take advantage of this which shows that I had no idea I was even a part of this. I want every single charge refunded, including compensation for the interest I've paid due to these fraudulent charges.

  • Ma
      21st of Feb, 2010
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    Entertainment Rewards - unauthorized charges
    ticket master-entertainment rewards
    Grand Rapids
    United States

    Some years ago i bought tickets thru ticketmaster here in grand rapids and today i have come to
    realize that i have not looked closely enough at this little charge called entertainment rewards.
    i have often marked it for question and not followed thru until today. Shame on me.
    as of now i will be doing all i can to validate and verify this scam. i am sure that i did not knowingly
    give out the information needed to make this happen.
    i will be back here to give the story of my movement
    thru the trail of varifying this complaint.

  • Ma
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    same as my story of this mess just because i bought my tickets on line.
    it is my opinion that this sort of long standing scam could well be exposed by my credi card
    provider. it is short sighted to take in the money every month at the expense of future
    use of internet purchase.
    question- - have you made any headway in resolving your complaint
    signed madbird

  • So
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    Entertainment Rewards - Credit Card Fraud
    Ticketmaster, Entertainment Rewards
    United States

    I hope this helps anyone looking to recover losses

    CEO of Entertainment Rewards
    Chairman and CEO, IAC
    Chairman, Expedia, Inc.
    Chairman, Live Nation Entertainment

    Barry Diller

    IAC World Headquarters
    555 West 18th Street
    New York, NY 10011

    also owns Ticketmaster.

    In 1997, the company acquired 50% of Ticketmaster Group, Inc.
    In 2003, USAI acquired Entertainment Publications, Inc.;; LendingTree; Hotwire;; GetSmart; and the remainder of Ticketmaster, Expedia and The company was renamed InterActiveCorp.
    This is his website

    After some rude treatment on the phone
    @ Entertainment Rewards
    I was given this email address
    and despite many requests, no other information.

    So I wrote this:

    I am writing regarding charges that your company has made to my credit card. Your company has made monthly charges of $9.00 to my account. These charges were unauthorized. I have never requested any service or product from Entertainment Rewards, nor have I provided you with any of my account information. I have never received an invoice or receipt from Entertainment Rewards for any service or product. I have never used of benefited in any way from this program.

    I telephoned your customer service center on March 1st 2010, to request that these unauthorized charges be refunded. I spoke with a customer service supervisor named "Royce 147" who, agreed to refund ONE 9.00$ charge and refer my account to The Customer Advocate Group. I asked him to look up this account to verify if it had ever been used, He told me it had not been used.
    When I asked "Royce 147" for a printed statement of this account I was told he could not provide that to me. When I asked for contact information regarding The Customer Advocate Group, I was told he could not give me that information.
    My Credit Card Company has issued me a new card and a fraud repot has been filled with Capital One. I hereby by demand that all unauthorized charges that have been made to my account by Entertainment Rewards be refunded immediately.
    Thank you for your prompt compliance with this request.

    I finally got "Royce 147" to agree to refund 7 of 20 charges to my card and was referred to this email address for appeal.
    He would not provide me with a feedback phone number OR any written statements from this account.
    (other than the email in which he wrote to me, )..
    ..."In addition you requested a statement about the use of your account.
    To this date there is no activity on your Entertainment Rewards account."

    The response was a form letter:
    Attached are demonstrative examples of the sign-up process, as well as samples of membership e-mails sent during the 30 day free trial period. Please note that these are meant to show the process, not your specific sign-up.
    Refunds totaling $63.00 have also been issued based on your conversations with our customer service team and your Customer advocate. Based on our policy, we are unable to meet your expectation of a full refund. Per your request, your membership has been cancelled and you will not see any additional charges on your account. Regards, The Entertainment Rewards Team

    By the way: "WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET?" I was told by a Capital One Fraud Investigations Supervisor, "Capital One will only uphold a fraud claim if there is police involvement".

    Then I found This:

    Mancini v. Entertainment Partners, Ticketmaster, lAC et al (2008): represent defendants in putative national class action alleging violations of consumer legal remedies act, unfair competition laws, and fraud arising of Entertainment Rewards enrollment process.

    The case is currently under appeal in federal court, Attorney for Entertainment Rewards is

    Donald R. Brown
    Partner @
    Los Angeles
    Direct: 310.312.4318
    General: 310.312.4000
    Fax: 310.312.4224
    I hope this helps anyone looking to recover losses

  • Es
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I called. Based on the conversation I had with customer service looks like this has been going on for over a year through a ticket I bought from NYU's ticketweb!!! Unbelievable.

    This is from an online ticket I bought from my university to go on a tour with new grad students!!

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