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I got an Email from the Enterprise Hotel Kensington Group from UK for several job offer and I was asked to fill in the job application form after I sent my CV and school certificates Via mail to the HR dept. to the Attn. of Honorable Lennon Dean (HR Manager), but for the moment I have not received any demand for any kind of payment to be done before I reach the destination(such as commitment fee). I tried to call them so many times but the phone was always busy and I tried again right now it was ringing and suddenly it was disconnected and could not talk to anybody.

Here is the Email I received from the company:

Date: 2/08/2016
Name of Applicant
Dear (Use Applicant's Name):
Thank you for forwarding your resume.
Attachments Contains Job salaries Monthly and Job application form.
Our human resources department has received your letter expressing an interest in working for Enterprise Hotel Kensington Group London
your abilities and experience appear suitable to the needs of Enterprise Hotel Kensington.
The HR Director for the Employee Selection Team and the recruitment panels, has reviewed your resume along with those of several other candidates carefully, and has decided to offer you an opportunity to work with our Enterprise Hotel Kensington Team.
Your position beginning immediately you come in here and sit for on-arrival interview.
Although this appointment cannot be completed until you come in here in UK, to sit for an interview.
Every employee is an important member. All employees have the opportunity to rise according to their abilities.
Congratulations on your selection.
If you choose to accept our offer, as a newly hired employee; you must complete and sign this enclosed job application form as yours acceptance.
Kindly print it out and complete with blue or black ink to be valid, before sending back to us.
As an international applicant, you are obliged to send in a copy to the visa & immigration service office via-email id: [protected] to enable you obtain:-entry visa clearance and tier 2 skilled immigrants working permit.
After we receive your completed application, we will contact you again, to furnish you CONTRACT AGREEMENT LETTER PAPER-WORKS.
Full job offer descriptions, will be declared clearly in your contract agreement letters, which will be given to you, after we receives and process your job application to enable you obtain appointment letter.
The appointment/contract offer letter informs you as a new selected employee; about the terms and conditions of the employment with our company, including: • start date • position • hours of work, and • pay and other entitlements.
Enterprise Hotel Kensington group London also will offers you a comprehensive hiring package as follows:
• Competitive Salaries/Wages
• Free air ticket
• Free housing at Hotel staff site
. Feeding while on duty
• Incentive Bonus Plan
• Medical & Dental Plans
• 401(k) Plan with Employer Match
• Training & Development
• Educational Reimbursement
• Paid Holidays
• Paid Vacation.
Your training and development:
To ensure you're empowered to deliver the very best results, we provide you (2) two weeks training on your arrival to enable you work with the highest quality.
You have to realize that this; application form must not stay more than (THREE days) at your hand OR it will be cancelled, starting from the day we mailed to you.
Your air ticket is for free, to enable you fly in and join the employment on-arrival interview, as ordered by the Enterprise Hotel Kensington Human Resource Management Board.
We are confident you will be able to make a significant contribution to the success of our Hotel and we look forward to working with you.
We appreciate your interest and will give your candidacy every consideration.
Honorable Lennon Dean
Human Resource Manager
Enterprise Hotel Kensington Group London (UK )

Enterprise Hotel Kensington Group
Enterprise Hotel Kensington Group
Enterprise Hotel Kensington Group

Aug 02, 2016

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