Enrique Terrazas / Erroneous billing - possible scam

1 Upland, CA, US

I have received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement from United Healthcare (UHC), indicating that I owe the provider, Enrique Terrazas, a total of $409.40, for services provide by Qwest Diagnostics in Upland, Calif., on August 10, 2016. I found that there is an Enrique Terrazas, who is a Director with Qwest Diagnostics. The EOB indicates that the original claim was sent to an insurance called RAYTHEON CO/POS-RET, which rejected the claim and forwarded the claim to UHC, which also denied the claim. I am not insured with any firm connected to RAYTHEON, although the EOB shows my Member ID as [protected]. I am insured with Medicare and UHC Medicare Supplement, and I always show my membership cards to Qwest when I receive services from them This is the second such mailing that I've received from UHC. The EOB states that it is not a bill, and it appears to be for my information, only, and it lists several service codes along with the corresponding procedures and fees. This is highly suggestive of a possible scam, and should be investigated.
Dixie Epperson

Nov 12, 2016

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