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i am cassica this is a lie, im a powerful witch born in the craft, this person is the scammer, and recieved a demonic attack i placed upon her, because she pissed me off! this woman recieved her items then turned around and did a paypal complaint to get her money back, her money isnt doing anything for her now, im not evil, but will strike like a cobra if attacted, blessings cassica


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      Jul 29, 2009

    your not even a real witch and u still owe me 67.99 USd your pathetic demon summoning are nothing to me everyone this her post The church of lucifer was created in 2007 by steven w. sanders, all contributions go to rebuild the luciferian church go to [protected] via ... paypal she goes from satanist to chistian my daughter will be 16 this year, and need help with school clothes, paypal anthing you can do to [protected] god bless, 12:59 PM Jul 15th from web ... seach her address [protected] and see for yourself sheS A LIAR

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      Aug 08, 2011

    Sweetie why would you even pay that much for something so stupid of course that a scam!

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