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For any of you who have come across the scam of the "15 day free trial of the highly recomended Acai berry natural diet pills" ...PLEASE READ !!!
What they fail to tell you is that if you don't cancel your "trial" it turns into a monthly charge from your visa of $89.31... now the catch is that since most of us don't read the fine print before we sign up...we don't realize this until the money is already long GONE and p.s. you don't receive the "free trial" until after the 14 days anyway... you usually receive it just after the $89.31 has been charged to your account.
Now I've done my research and it seems alot of us have run into this scam but here are a few things to know:

#1...Nothing in life is free and 99.9% of any "free trials" usually work the same way... you have about 14 days to "cancel" the continuing charge that will come out of your account or will be billed to you.
#2... You CAN get your money back ... if you have patience and time... the customer service phone # for "Enhance my body" is [protected]... a recorded message will come on the line to tell you about the "unusually high call volume"... don't hang up, just hold the line and actually there is almost no hold time. Then once you get a rep on the line, let them pull up your account (by phone # or address) and then ask for a SUPERVISOR! Advise them that you want your account cancelled and you want your money back or you will join up with all the other people scammed and will file a class action lawsuit. NOW this is not true (to my knowledge) however it does work.. listen I sent their pills back and I want my money... so I did whatever I had to does take about 1 to 2 months to get your money back .
#3... Hang onto the customer service # because you WILL have to follow up on your refund. I called about 2 more times before they ACTUALLY processed it. Once again it's [protected].
#4... An extra measure to be sure they don't take any more money out of your account, it's probably a good idea to close that card you used to purchase that product.
#5... I know this seems like alot to go through but the point is it's YOUR money NOT theirs and if everyone gives up on fighting this charge, these people will be rich off the one time charge of $89.31, in all of our accounts alone !

I guess the best lessons are learned the hard way and I SURE LEARNED MINE !!!

I hope this was helpful to someone out there, I just wanted to share my knowledge of how to get this resolved.

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  • Je
      Nov 24, 2008

    I ordered a free item ($3.95 shipping) which I never received. This company charged me $89.31 on my Visa, and I can't contact them. The number given is not a good number. I've seen many complaints about this company on the internet, and I don't even know where they're located.

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  • En
      Dec 07, 2008
    Enhance My Body - charged for something never ordered
    enhance my body
    824 gordon smith blvd #11
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was charged 89.31 off my debit card for something I have never received nor ordered. I am on a fixed income and did not order enhance my body. I don't even know what it is. My bank gave me a number to call but of course they were not in on Sunday. I want my money returned to my debit card and if I don't get results, my bank will file a default against them.

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  • La
      Dec 13, 2008

    Not only have I not even received the free trial, my card was debited for $91.99, not the $89.31 everyone else has been charged. . I called [protected] and was told about the "terms and conditions" that if you don't cancel w/ in 14 days after the trial, you get billed for a full bottle. I told her I didn't get the trial yet! She said both bottles were on their way. She said she could not refund the charge, but offered to cancel my subscription, which I did. I also talked with my bank and cancelled my debit card. They are sending me paperwork to complete my complaint. Good luck to everyone else who got scammed. I guess we all learned a lesson.

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