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English Bulldogs / Breeding Contract

1 123NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 4125551212

Anyone who has purchased a female bulldog under a breeding contract with either Codie Sickle or Connie Chambers please contact us for important information about these people
Send an email to:

with the particulars of the sale, we are considering a class action suit against these breeders for breech of implied warranty. Please no matter how long ago, we need your input as to the practices of these breeders.


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  • Ja
      8th of Aug, 2010
    -2 Votes

    You must be an idiot to post this here. These are the most reputable breeders in the world. If you bought a female from them on terms, you were given the opportunity to purchase a piece of their life's work. You should stop being a whiner and be an adult.

  • Jo
      25th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Codie Sickle of Cherokee bulldogs and Connie Chambers of Legend Bulldogs are not reputable bulldog breeders at all!! Codie Sickle of Cherokee bulldogs wins out of politics only! Because he has been in the bulldog breed for 50 yrs. In that 50 yrs has has totally messed the Bulldog breed up and lowered the quality. People buy from Cody because Cody wins so they falsely think the dogs must be good...
    I bought 4 dogs from Codie Sickle of Cherokee bulldogs over the years thinking I would get a show dog. They all had horrible health problems and were not show quality. And you know what Codie Sickle/ Cherokee bulldogs and Connie Chambers/ Legend Bulldogs had to say about that?? The only thing they had to say was "NEVER TELL ANYONE"! Also a friend of mine bred her AKC Champion Bulldog who never had any health or temperament issues in her line to CH Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse (Connie Chambers stud). From the litter of 5 she got got 3 deaf bulldog puppies! The other two were so dog aggressive that they killed 2 of her other dogs when they were still under a year old. You know what Connie Chambers & Cody Sickle had to say about it "NEVER TELL ANYONE"! Connie Chambers & Cody Sickle HIDE health problems and keep breeding them knowingly! They are truly in this to make high $$ off stud fees & puppies thats why they make everyone give them puppies back. And they can get away with it because of politics!

  • Je
      25th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree!!! Cody Sickles lifes work LOL has damaged this wonderful breed. With all the puppies Cody goes through every year from his hundreds of co/owned [censor]es he still needs to purchase most of the dogs he wins with. Cody Sickle bought Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock, Ch. Cherokee Dakota Robert, Legacy Only Calvin Klein, Ch. Prestwick Gawain. Cody bought all these dogs, he didn't breed them. After as long as he has been in the breed that is sad!
    Cody Sickle lowers the bulldog standards with dogs like Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock. Rock was the top bulldog in America 3 years in a row and Rock is horrible! BREEDERS OPEN YOUR EYES! A dog is good if it is correct. The fact that it wins with Cody on the end of the lead does NOT make a dog good! Really look at Rock. He has no turn of shoulder or shoulders at all for that mater. No brisket and a short apple head with no length of skull or foreface. Breeder judges put Rock up because they are scared not to. Either Cody is kennel blind or Cody just kept Rock when Rock started winning for stud fees. Everyone breeds to Rock because Rock wins off Cody's politics. Too many breeders don't have an eye for what is truly correct in the standard! Rock is just one same exmaple of Cody Sickles contributions to this breed.

  • Am
      26th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Cody Sickle & Connie Chambers have really lowered the health & quality of AKC Bulldogs in America. It is really sad. With all the politics they have to work with they could have improved the quality & health of the AKC Bulldogs in America. But Cody & Connie's goals are in ego and money not in improving the AKC bulldog breed.

  • Go
      25th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Okay, first of all. Anyone, who says a puppy is show quality is full of it. It is very, very hard to determine the quality of a puppy before the age of 6 plus months. And then they can still fall apart.
    Second, basically, dog shows are all political .If you do not know the judges then it does not matter how good the dog looks. I have been there and done that .When I say basically, it is because there are a few honest judges out there.They are just few and far between.
    Third, there are breeders, big and small that show dogs that are altered which also upsets me.And that are breeding just to make a buck.
    Which brings me to my final point.There are small breeders, like myself, who breed to better the breed. Who do there best to breed healthy bulldogs. And who would truly rather give a puppy to a great home then to sell it to a bad home. So, if you are wanting to buy a puppy for breeding or for show, or just a pet, do your research.The name means nothing. Also DO NOT SEND MONEY WITHOUT ACTUALLY SEEING WHERE THE PUPPY LIVES .

  • Br
      1st of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @good breeder Hi good breeder, I know this is a very old message, but can you recommend a good English bulldog breeder? I recently lost my baby to a heart condition, and finding a good breeder is very important to me.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Av
      17th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear Good Breeder,
    I am looking for a bulldog puppy and do not know where to go. Can you recommend a breeder for me to contact?

  • Mk
      25th of Oct, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I am a bulldog lover. We first started going to shows to get an education about the breed. .It was pretty easy to see what is really going on at the show level. It's about who you know which equals politics which always equals MONEY.. There are too many people breeding bulldogs... Someone who could care less about a animals welfare see's a bully pup bringing in between $3-$5 Grand sometimes more and only sees the dollar signs, then becomes a "breeder". I see so many seriously deformed dogs and there is just a flood of abandoned dogs for a multitude of ridiculous reasons. Something has to be done to tighten things up and bring the focus off how much money you can make off of them. Possibly if the good breeders out there would be willing to adopt out a percentage of their litters that may not be quite up to the "show" standard to a well known good home?? Maybe it would lessen the focus on "because it's the most expensive, it's got to be the best", so most Americans got to have that!! I know it is VERY expensive to own let alone breed Bulldogs but something has to happen.
    The rescue is full of dogs. My wife and I have adopted 3 bulldogs thru the LIBR and they were the joys of our lives. We just lost our girl so I am writing this in honor of my Sweetpea...Go and adopt a dog in need, there are so many, but please do your homework first to make sure you can handle the extra responsibility of caring for the best dogs in the world..

  • Ch
      24th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes
    English Bulldogs - sick puppies
    Los Nieto's Bulldogs
    1418 Golden Street
    Jasper, Michigan
    United States
    Phone: 517-270-2657

    I recently bought a puppy from them and she quickly became ill with pneumonia. Also found out she has a severe hypo plastic trachea (genetic disorder). I have paid about $8, 000 in medical bills for her in . The breeder 5 days. They are refusing to refund me the money I paid for the puppy.

  • Ja
      8th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    I too lost a puppy from this same litter to fluid on the lungs and was told it was not his fault and he will not assume responsibility.

  • Ro
      1st of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I to have a problem with a English bulldog puppy. Paid $2500 and 2mths later discovered it had 2 staples imbedded in its intestines, also found out it had enlarge kidney and has cherry eye in both eyes . Contacted breeder Becky Perry In Moultrie Georgia, which we purchased it from her daughter who is a vet doctor at Pineywoods Vetinary in Valdosta Georgia and they came up with every excuse in the book not to refund me my money. This puppy also walks around the edges of the walls in our house and just acts strange, this has been heart breaking to my grand children and I believe the puppy may have ate the staples before we purchased the puppy considering they were imbedded in the intestines . I believe that anyone wanting a bulldog puppy should be warned about this breeder . The Vet bills has gotten very expensive with this puppy

  • Ph
      21st of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I agree The problem is most bulldog breeders have their dogs in their line of bulldogs. And that is also because of co breeding. There are several bulldog breeders that are selling new bulldog puppies because the breeders are not raising the bulldog puppies they sell. If you buy a female bulldog puppy You may be told that you may want to choose to breed her. And pushed to sign a breeding contract. You are assured that you wont be forced to breed your female puppy. However, If you dont the breed may fine you as much as 10, 000.00 for not following all the terms of the contract. The breeder may say its your choice. The breeder will sue you for breech of contract! And sue you for the additional 10, 000. fine. I know because it happened to me. Please dont give a deposit on a puppy until you see the puppy where it was raised. And raised with the mother and father in the home. Do not let them tell you that you cant have the akc registration yet. Or you will probably never get it. Several people including myself never got the akc papers I paid for because the breeder made it a condition of the contract that we must breed first. And the bulldog club of America and akc will not accept your complaint. Unless you are a member of the club. And you must get a bulldog club member to sponsor you. Breeders know a lot of ways to work the system

  • Ep
      24th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    I'm about to buy a puppy from these people. Has anyone bought from them before? Please can anyone give me info. I can't find much on them. Thanks

  • Je
      1st of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    @epypen82 Hello, did you ever buy the puppy from them and what was your experience. I am considering buying a puppy but am concerned with buying one online

  • Br
      1st of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jen1511 Hi jenn1511, did you end up buying a puppy from them? If so was it healthy? I recently lost my bulldog to a heart condition, and finding a reputable breeder is beyond important to me. Thanks in advance,

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