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* This joke of a company Enghouse Systems / Networks is a complete fraud;

* They lowball employees and customers all the time under the pretense of misleading everyone;

* They "cook the books" by way of crafty accounting to make themselves look to investors and shareholders;

* When EngHouse hires an employee, they make promises of an attractive starting salary, but later they back down and make up some BS excuse;

* There are almost no raises or bonuses for most employees at this awful place which explains why the employee turnover rate is extremely high;

* The VPs always force employees to make the P&L look good but in reality this company is in financial dire straits;

* The work culture is toxic and poisonous where racial slurs and sexual harassment is rampant;

* Check out all the reviews about this awful company on sites like GlassDoor, Vault, Salary, Indeed, etc, where almost all the reviews are negative and critical;

* EngHouse's software is full of bugs and always requires support --- but they use this as means to extend contracts to naive and gullible customers who pay for professional services;

* Potential employees and (retain and institutional) investors SHOULD STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS FAILING COMPANY!!!

May 10, 2017

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