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Today at 1 pm I placed a free trial offer for Acai berry and colon cleanse. I paid 4.95 for acai berry s & h. The Colon Lipo was to be 6.95 for 3 days, which I would not have been able to try in that timeframe, and then 99.95. At 3 today I checked my bank balance and the Energy Shop billed me 99.95 and 6.95. When I called to inquire they said Icould cancel and get my 99.95 refund in 3-5 business days. I did so and asked what I would get for 6.95 and was told I would receive nothing. The acai berry has 14 days to cancel and is a separate company. I would not have tried this had it not been on a news website. BUYER BEWARE. Furthermore there is nothing about Energy Shop which is what appeared on my bank site. When asked if they are affiliated with the BBB I was told. "no."

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  • Ev
      23rd of Jan, 2011

    I was also charged by Energy Shop for $99.95 on December 23rd. I am still trying to find out why I am charged. The only product that I bought online for $99.95 was the trial teeth whitening (TeethBrilliant) last November. I called Energy Shop; but the attendant was very rude and uncooperative. I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau online.

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  • Me
      7th of Feb, 2011

    If you order anything from Energy Shop there is a 6.95 initial fee for the membership to that Specific website. If you go past the 3 day trial period you are charged an additional fee of 99.95 for each website you have a membership for. This will not be refunded (via terms and conditions just below the 'rush my trial order now' button). Your product will still be sent, but they will not give you your money back if after the three day trial period. BUYER BEWARE indeed. IF YOU WANT TO USE THE PRODUCT TRIAL VERSION CANCEL WITHIN THREE DAYS AND YOU WILL GET THE TRIAL FOR 6.95. BE CAREFUL. Hope this helps people understand about this unclear business practice.

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  • Ra
      10th of May, 2011
    Energy Shop - Do not use this company at all
    Energy Shop
    United States

    Feeling very stupid today, 7th of Feb 2011, when I received my credit card statement and noticed charges on it which were totally unexpected. On the 24th of Jan 2011 I ordered two FREE TRIAL products from this company, each were going to cost me $2.95. I ordered the Acai Reduce offer and the Colon Cleanse offer. Expecting to get charged about 4 Pounds, I was really shocked to see a total of 136.10 Pounds on my statement! Not only did they charge me the wrong amount for both products (two times $4.65 instead of $2.95), but also two further charges for $99.95 each. I tried to email the company, phone them, but emails keep coming back as undelivered and the phone number in the UK is always engaged. In the terms and conditions it states you can cancel your arder after a trial period, but it does not tell you how long this is (the charges to my creidt card were made three days after ordering, even before I should have received the items!!!), and there is no info on how to cancel. If you login to your account, you can cancel for an extra charge again! I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED MY PRODUCTS EITHER...

    I have now given it into the hands of the credit card company, but I know I will have to cancel the card before the end of the month to stop them taking another two payments of $99.95. The credit card company told me they cannot stop payments made to them as I have already used the company? I should have known better, don't normally use sites like this and never give my credit card details. But just this once I made a mistake, trying to loose some extra weight with my upcoming wedding in the back of my mind. Stupid! Do not use this company at all!!! Please, can someone bring these people to justice and reimburse all their victims.

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  • Ke
      26th of Jul, 2011
    Energy Shop - Unauthorised Transaction
    Energy Shop
    United States

    I agreed to a free trial of acai berry diet supplements at a cost of £3.07 x 2 = total - £6.14.My method of payment was Tesco Mastercard.
    My Tesco credit card company warned me that unless I cancelled this trial within 30 days then the company - The Energy Shop would also take £66.01 from my account.
    I have been unable to make contact with the company who have taken £132.02 from my account today - 31/01/2011 This is only 7 days from my original order.
    Credit card company say the cannot help unless they have written proof and confirmation from the energy shop that I have cancelled.

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  • St
      28th of Jul, 2011

    I am also stupid, i ordered the same 2 items for £2.95 each and they charged me £64.45 each. tried e-mail and phoning them, no joy. rung my credit card company2 dispute this photo copied my e-mails with a letter, didn't hear anything, rung credit card company they hadn't got my letter, went 2 look 4 the e-mails energy shop sent me, can't find them anywhere i did not delete them as i wanted them for proof. so do not use the site. probably won't get my money back. feeling very stupid right now

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  • Tr
      19th of Aug, 2011
    Energy Shop - Bad service
    Energy Shop
    United States

    I ordered the acai vitamins for .01 plus shipping and handling and was charged the $99.95 before the .01 was ever charged to my account for some acai vitamins.

    I never agreed to $99.95 payments for anything to any company.
    I can see they have done this before and now their number is disconnected.

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  • Md
      19th of Aug, 2011

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  • Mr
      20th of Sep, 2011
    Energy Shop - Stay away
    Energy Shop
    United States

    I have not received the goods as described. Ad said it would be $7.99 including postage and delivery, instead I was charged $101.04 + foreign exchange transactions. I purchased the tablets as well as the colon cleanse. I cannot communicate with the company as there is no email address. US phone numbers - impossible to contact. I have cancelled my credit card with my bank and put in a complaint. Have had to contact various parties to re-set up all my direct debits. A real nuisance and cannot believe in this day and age these sort of companies can operate. Very upset as ad was on Facebook which made me think it had some credibility!!!
    So wrong.

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