Energetix Gym / My Loan application is taking 4 months.

Hi, To Whom it may concern:

I’ve applied for a Property Loan ( But it falls under commercial loans ).

I’ve submitted my forms and information July and then I shorted some financials that I submitted before I left for Londen ( and that was before 3 August 2012 ).

I’ve called a few times and Tsakani ( that is very helpful ), told me everytime that she’s still waiting everything is being submitted.

About 2 weeks ago I called her superior in Tzaneen (Silas). He told me that he knows about my loan and that it goes from Tsakani to him and then to head office and then back to him.

And last week after 2 days trying to get hold of Silas, he gave me good news that my loan was approved, I was very happy and I’ve asked him if he was very sure and he said yes he is. So I’ve told everyone at work and my family, everyone that was also waiting with us, because it’s very important for us to buy this property ( for our business – Energetix Gym ) is on that property.

Then 29 October Tsakani called me and said he made a mistake and that the financials I provided was not what they wanted, so it’s not approved. I just feel that time was being wasted. The whole of August, September, October.

And we’ve already reached our deadline for buying the property, at this stage we are leasing month to month. And we don’t want to close our doors to the public for this is the only gymnasium in town.

I was against going to Absa for a loan, because everyone said they are slow - but they do help you most of the time.

This loan is very important to us and I did not apply at any other bank.

I ‘m really unhappy at how slow this is going and about the false information (hope ) I was given.

I want to know am I wasting my time?

( In Hoedspruit people are very negative about Absa, There’s a Capitec opening soon and I think you really need to work on your service for you are going to lose allot of customers.)

Thank you for understanding.

Lizelle Willemse,

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