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We placed a custom order with Enduro in October 2006 for $1800+ worth of racing wheels. It was to take 2-3 months for them to arrive. 6 months later, no wheels, several fake tracking numbers, and eventually they quit answering my phone calls and emails. After several BBB complaints, they promised a refund (at the 14 month mark) which they never delivered. When they did answer my calls, they repeatedly lied about the status of the wheels, tracking numbers, and even lied about being an authorized distributor (I called the manufacturer to find this out).

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  • Gr
      Sep 23, 2009

    This is 100% true. Ravi is a crook who takes people's money and spends it on his own car and pay his "fun stuff" bills then takes more people's money to pay off the previous person he's screwed after being in the hole for way more.
    He writes fraudlent checks to other businesses, he's thousands of dollars of merchandise from Kyokudo Performance in Concord, Gruppe S Motorsports in Southern California and even MachIII in San Francisco buy buy parts with checks. Knowingly writes a bad check and when the business trys to cash it its rejected and then Ravi doesnt answer his phone. He hides or locks his store when he sees people that he owes money come up.
    There are several other employees that can verify all the scams he pull. It doesnt take much research to just Google Enduro Motorsports and see all the people he's conned. Not to mention he's finally under criminal prosecution. If you got screwed over by enduro/ravi or know someone who has please contact:

    Carl Chapman, Supervising Inspector
    Marin County District Attorney's Office
    Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force
    455 Devlin Road, Suite 207
    Napa, CA 94558

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  • Vi
      Oct 18, 2009

    Yes! I was also a victim of Ravi Shukla. We did creative work for him such as developed his website, logo, etc. and was told numerous times that he sent checks---never happened. We were cheated for nearly $12, 000 of billable time and effort.

    He continues to use the logo that we designed and the images that we created for him even tho we told him numerous times to take it down and pay us for the work we rendered to him.

    I called and left a message to Carl Chapman regarding this matter and will keep track of this page with updates as I get more information.

    [protected] (email me to add to Ravi's list of victims).

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