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Last October I received a phone call for an interview at Endeavor Advertising Inc. I was so excited. I showed up for the first interview and thought the office was way tiny. Then I made it supposedly over 25 other people for a second interview the following Monday. They told me I needed to take the whole day off becaue the interview was all day long. A man named Kelly was doing the interviews and he made the job sound amazing.

I arrive wearing the comfortable shoes they told me to. Shortly after arriving my 'lead' for the day said okay lets go. I was like where, am I not interviewing again here? What they forget to tell you is on your second interview you go walking around selling pizza coupons. They say that you are a Sports Marketer, that sports marketing is walking door to door business to business selling Timberwolves or MN Twins tickets. Are you kidding me? They tell you you are a manager in training on your second interview.

I don't understand how that works when you are walking around alone in the Twin Cities selling pizza coupons and sports tickets. Oh the wages, they claim you make 35-40k a year, doubtful because the lead on my interview made 1.50 on each coupon we sold (we sold 3). The reason I'm writing this is because all of the girls who were interviewing with me didn't take the job either because they were midlead. Best part, they keep changing their name so people get confused. BEWARE!

I was currently working at my current job, and I heard a man talking about his interview with a man named Kelly at Endeavor. I immediately turned around and told him not to waste his time. I informed him of what this company does to get people on the second day long interview. I don't think its okay for a company to play with someones career hopes like that. Since my horrible second interview they invited me to join their team, I never showed up, I figured if they are going to waste my time I'll waste theirs. No wonder they have horrible employee turn over. I've saved at least 10 peoples hopes by telling them not to go, they were very grateful because Kelly midlead them as well. I just wanted to forewarn my fellow Minnesotans to not get messed over by this company, if anyone else has I'd like to hear your side.

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      Oct 16, 2014

    this company not good only take my money adsoluty not doing nothing for me

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