Encore Marketing International - Newport News &insider Pass&RIPPED OFF!


I was also conned into signing up for Encore Marketing International's "INSIDER PASS" from an order I placed with Newport News. Newport News cannot provide me with any PROOF that I signed up for this. I have written a 'nasty-gram' email to Encore Marketing demanding a full and immediate refund of these charges to my bank account that I was not made aware of.

One of the other 'victims' on this website ( had supplied the email address of the CEO, Stanley Plotnik. This fellow victim also supplied the names and titles of the rest of the upper management at Encore Marketing International.

Going one step further, I deciphered the rest of the email addresses based upon Stanley Plotnik's email address. If you are reading this, you have obviously been ripped off along with the rest of us.

I encourage each and every one of you to send an email 'nasty-gram' to ALL of the following recipient email addresses:

Stanley Splotnick, CEO...[protected]
Steve Klein, President...[protected]
Kimberli Files, COO...[protected]
David Gallimore, E.V.P., Sales & Mktg...[protected]
Michael Dubrow, E.V.P., Partnership Dev...[protected]
Sondra Diggs, CFO...[protected]
CUSTOMER SERVICE...Customer [protected]

I sent my 'nasty-gram' email to ALL of the above email addresses, AND put all of the same email addresses in the "CC" recipient part of the email, just to bombard them. If you are using OUTLOOK, while you have your new email message window open, PLEASE make sure you click on the "OPTIONS" button at the top of the email window. The 'MESSAGE OPTIONS' window will appear. Then, under 'VOTING AND TRACKING OPTIONS", be sure to check BOTH boxes that say 'REQUEST A DELIVERY RECEIPT FOR THIS MESSAGE' and 'REQUEST A READ RECEIPT FOR THIS MESSAGE.' That way, you will have a papertrail confirmation that these criminals received and/or read your email. I have already received back many, many confirmations that my email has been delivered! I cannot wait to see what happens when they all login to their email accounts tomorrow morning!

Here is their mailing address:
4501 Forbes Blvd
Lanham, MD 20706
Phone: [protected]***

I don't think there is any way we can stop them altogether, but we can at least make their lives as miserable as possible! Here is the actual email that I sent them:


Stanley Plotnick — Chief Executive Officer
Steve Klein — President
Kimberli Files — Chief Operating Officer
David Gallimore — Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Michael Dubrow — Executive Vice President, Partnership Development
Sondra Diggs — Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Plotnik, Mr. Klein, Ms. Files, Mr. Gallimore, Mr. Dubrow, Ms. Diggs:

I placed an order with Newport News on June 28th.
Somehow I was mistakenly deceived into signing up for your “NEWPORT NEWS INSIDER PASS”.
I have already called your stupid phone line [protected]) and CANCELLED my membership.
My cancellation confirmation number is: [protected].

On 6-30-09, my bank account was charged $1.95.
On 7-30-09, my bank account was charged $14.95.
This is a total of $16.90.

I DEMAND a full and immediate refund of $16.90, as I NEVER INTENDED TO SIGN UP FOR THIS.
In addition, I have no emails, paperwork or documentation of any kind that shows that I signed up for this.
I have already placed a challenge to Newport News to PROVE that I signed up for this, with no response.

If I do not get an immediate and favorable response from you by the end of the business day tomorrow, Monday, August 24th, I am reporting you to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION and the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Both of my complaint forms are already filled out, and all I have to do is press the SEND button!

I also officially DEMAND to be opted out of EVERYTHING, including all of your business contacts. Do NOT give ANY of my information out to ANYONE, and delete ALL of my contact information from ALL of your databases and lists.

I have read all of the complaints on the internet from other customers who also got deceived into this stupid membership.
Your current Better Business Bureau rating is a “D+”.

With regard to Encore Marketing International (the company responsible for the deceitful business practices of signing people up for the “NEWPORT NEWS INSIDER PASS”) the Better Business Bureau goes on to say:
To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of D+
Reasons for this rating include:
Number of complaints filed against business
Number of complaints filed against business that were unresolved

The pattern of complaints generally concern confusion over the assessment of membership fees through the company's marketing methods, and other billing disputes. In its responses, the company usually provided a refund, while cancelling membership.

Number of complaints processed by the BBB
in the last 36 months: 687
in the last 12 months: 374
Do NOT bother explaining your “membership policy” to me.
Your “membership policy” has absolutely NOTHING to do with the way you deceived me into signing up!

This business practice of yours is underhanded and deceitful. You KNOW that it is NOT perfectly CLEAR to the consumer/customer that they are signing up for your stupid “NEWPORT NEWS INSIDER PASS.”
I intend to pursue this legally to the fullest extent, if you do not immediately refund my money!


That was my email to them. I hope all of you out there who fell victim to their scam complains like HELL to them! DEMAND your money back!!!

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