Encore Fit For Life Network Inc / Magazine sales fraud

1 Greeley, CO, United States

My daughter was approached by a salesman while she was at the mall. He told her that her money would help kids over in another country. He had told her he was going to Walmart across the street if she had any further questions. She then called me and I was furious cause I know these things are scams! She went to Walmart and found him and he said he had already deposited her money! $80! She went home and made a copy of the receipt and mailed it to the address given to get a refund. I have since read on line that this place does not mail back the refund. Is there anyway we can get a class action lawsuit against this company???? I think it is time that these scam companies get what they have coming and this one sounds like they owe a lot of people!!!

Mar 7, 2014

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