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Give me back my money
Dear Madam/Sir,

I bought my new car ( NEMO KOMBİ-SX 1.4 HDI) from Edirne (Türkiye)
Citroen Sale and Service Office on December 16. 2008.
On April 22. 2009, I left my car to Edirne Citroen Repair Service
becuse of windshield wipers have broken. Because of this situation is
not safe to travel, my car was kept down for fixing in the service.
Breakdown could not repair until now. Accordind to Turkish Working Laws,
It must be reapired in 30 working days. If vehicle can not repair in
30 days salesman must pay the bill of sale back.
Although I have informed The Citroen Türkiye Distributor, Baylas
Otomotiv, and have requested to pay my money back, they don’t pay the
bill of sale and they can not fix my car.
I am in a very hard situation. I have a kid. And car is very necessary
for transporting to school. This situation made very difficult life of
my family. My request is to help me to solve this problem.
With my best regards.

Sahin Dağli
Trakya University
Medical Faculty
Medical Biology Deparment

Chassis No: VF7AB8HCS84256762
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Konu: my car Citroen -Nemo and raining days
Gönderen: [protected]
Tarih: 11 Haziran 2009, Perşembe, 11:23 pm
Alıcı: [protected]

Dear Madam/Sir,

I do not know English or French, but I have a car, Citroen-nemo, I live
in Turkey and my car was purchased from Edirne-Citroen dealer, problems
with my car I want to Give, citroen authorities can not reach, in Türkiye

My warranty on my car, broken, not working in front wiper failure starts
from April 22 Edirne, Türkiye June 06, but the Citroen repair service has
been authorized

This is a very long time. go to school for my children has caused

the period of the defective wiper in front of my car is not possible to
take advantage of him.

For vehicles repaired under warranty Türkiye time is 30 business days.

Citroen's legal Türkiye in the automotive repair distrübütör Baylas
expired or to change my car to give money back to me said.

customer relationship, except to any authorized transfer of the problem
and did not request.

customer relations tool, not accept me for the duration of the defective,
does not find the solution to your request. My car had broken more than 30
business days citroen in.
tool in this process is necessary to remain in service. I ask you now to
the front wiper work Do you have a defective citroen vehicle travel with
me ( I can not travel)

06 June 2009 until 22 April 2009 from the rain Let you Citroen vehicle
travel with me Do not pray to God they should have.

citroen automobile manufacturers and has proven itself as the world user,
I experience this problem when the Edirne-türkiyede close to friends or
acquaintances, I would get everyone citroen Cars Do or should I recommend
another brand.

I try to write can not write to be understood.

last modified 22 April 2009 from 06 June 2009 I want a rest until the
defective tool, I bought my car, while Türkiye distrübütör Baylas or pay
you the money is returned to me.

citroen citroen nemo my second, for a period of 4 years before your
Citroen Saxo car was using without problems.
in a short time of the request to resolve the problem I would like to

If the request to issue is resolved, close to friends of user citroen
always going to tell, this approach does not victims.

citroen problems with this as do the employees described in the Trakya
University did not believe that, think they were joking.

problem with my customer relations tool baylas Turkey when you ask, April
22 in front of my vehicle wiper does not work as the service never leave,
so the result will be such that.

citroen service could not resolve the failure to delete but edirne and the
failure of the computer code Baylas'a the same day (22nisan 2009) e-mail
and wrote it .servis (service work order document), 22 April 2009 in the
wiper failure would not be resolved.
tool for the school to transport my child (as God wanted to rain) that day
to resolve the aldım.Edirne citroen service to search for failures, he
said.already been given information by e-mail baylas'.

citroen business days after a service call to the Edirne-Turkey: problem
with my answers about the defective vehicle, and transmit information
baylas distübötör'….. tool as long as I stay out of order to pay TL 50
per day, he said.
April 28 from the payment of customer relations representative baylas has
been approved by Uğur Meydan has passed.
28 April 2009 will be valid as from Turkey-citroen service manager Erhan
Oztas Edirne baylas-distrübütör was forwarded me on the phone.

28 April 2009 I know my credit to pay compensation to the current date,
I bought a rental car. parking in the front wiper not working on my car
because I pray God every day for you I'm tired of rain.

8 May 2009 Citroen in Turkey Edirne service by calling me, to the
service they want to receive the defective tool, the tool of the brain, should be reviewed to be repaired has passed.

progress in the days of service and customer relations tool Citroen
Türkiye that is related to my search; new tool for my broken brain was
produced in France.. In a very short time in the future, he said.

from 22 April to 06 June 2009 until my car establishment and failure to
produce new brain was defective. failure to identify the cause and took
you so long to fix.

User to this situation as a Citroen car was very upset. Or importer of
automotive Baylas Citroen distübütörü Türkiye I have so much sorrow and
failure can not be resolved in a long time my car, give me my money back I
make you pay for here, please..

As you travel, because my car citroen nemo, Let God rain, I want raining

Şahin Dağlı
Trakya University
Medical Faculty
Medical Biology Deparment


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  •   Oct 13, 2009

    I am not the owner of this vehicle now.I will not ever get a citroen

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