Empowrempowr coin is worthless!

Review updated:

I have stuck with for more than three years and allowed them to charge me up too $99 per month to be at the founder level only to log in a week ago and find that my balance had plummeted from over one million dollars to 40k as of a few days ago.

It's bad enough that the empowr coin is now worthless ($0.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Diego, CA311406) but add to that the fact that they have made impossible to get back up to the founder level, I am stuck at the volunteer level now because I cannot purchase bitcoin to cover the monthly cost.

I do not foresee how I nor anyone else can recoup the loss as empowr continues to tout this pretend money system they invented instead of reverting back to real American Dollars and helping their citizens recoup their loss.

My advice is to stay clear of as you will not make any real money for yourself you will likely lose hundreds of dollars you cannot afford to lose.

Aug 26, 2018
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