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Empowertech Inc. / Fraud

1 FL, United States Review updated:

I was hired by the CEO of the company named Randall Bias to handle the sales staff in Cavite, Philippines. I started working for him from Dec.16'10 until Randall and Regina Palmero, Operations Manager in Cebu, Philippines cut my team off work last Feb.19'10. It was very clear to me that the I had an agreement w/ Randall that the operation in Cavite will push through since Regina had already quit her job. So Randall asked me to hire more agents, scout for a net cafe that can accomodate more agents since he will be sending more MJ's to use. Back then I only have 6 agents on training. Eversince I started working for him last Dec., I wasn't even part of the payroll. The reason behind it is that he promised to develop a payplan for me to compensate for the time and effort that I had given to the company. I was on call and had to work for roughly 24hrs/day of my time. I handled training as well. He was even involved w/ the training and on Feb.18, 10...he had the opportunity to talk w/ my team one by one. He was so impressed on how things were doing until the following day which was Feb.19'10...I received an email stating that my request to work for him was denied and after much consideration it wasn't the best interest of the company to do it. I was totally shocked!!! It was then when I realized that Randall worked things out w/ Regina and she decided to stay. If you've been victimized by Randall Bias please feel free to respond...I just want my team to get their compensation.

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      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I have been a victim of many Randall Bias' throughout the years. The last time being in 2008! I decided to take my destiny into my own hands. I was introduced to a wonderful company that has changed my life and it may be beneficial for you or someone you know! Call this number for more information 641-715-3900 enter code: 99649# and e-mail me @

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      5th of Mar, 2010
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    Hi everyone...please see Joan Mitchell Agot's email to me..this is very clear and in fact her agents were paid up. I have nothing to explain..her own email sent to me was clear enough!

    Hi Bing! I'm sorry if it has to end this way. I just want you to know that Randall didn't instructed me to hire agents nor trained them. I was out of reach for a long time and I just want to do the right thing this time. While I was out I hired and trained these people, have them stayed in my house, fed them and took care of what they need. I tried to communicate w/ Randall but he didn't responded and return my calls coz empowertech was my first priority for work but I have another account waiting for me. I had problems reaching Randall so I decided to send him an email and offline msgs. He responded just the other day, and told me that he's gonna relay it to you first and you will be the one to decide. I told him that I will wait. Part of my agents training was me doing calls just to show them our work. The signed agreement that was faxed to Randall was from me...Joan Michelle Agot. I didn't even add the calls that my team did to the payroll. It was all part of the training. If Randall or you won't agree about my team working it's ok Bing. I just don't want to waste both of our time thinking/talking about it over and over. I can set up a meeting w/ the other company that's been consistently sending me emails just so I'll be able to work for them. I hope you understand my situation coz I understand how you feel. My actions weren't instructed by Randall. I just want to be prepared if not for empowertech but to the other US based accnt. Thank you for your time reading this. God bless...goodluck!

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      26th of Sep, 2011
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    i agree because i was scammed also by randal, we have no allowance and we are pressured to make sales every night, i only realized it after working one month with his team, his office is located today in a net cafe at sancianko street here in cebu city, and still his looking for agents to fool and to work for free.

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      4th of Dec, 2011
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    To whom it may concern, all this people here above, who just said that they are fool by this person, named RANDALL, well they are not true. Actually was working for him for almost five months, and the compensation is good. Well, I already know how an outbound call center works. If you don't make a sale you don't have compensation. Allowances are given. We are following quotas. So meaning to say, they are not good or tough in making sales. If an individual doesn't get what they want, why does they have to say things against a person since they benefit form that work. They had free trainings. They learned to develop their skills, accents, everything that counts as a call center agent. So before believing their posts here. Be a PROFESSIONAL thinker. . After all it is business.

  • Vi
      9th of Dec, 2011
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    stella marie d i ka angel nagmahay nakaron nga imo ng gidepensaan ang tao nga scam-er looy kaayo si earl maoy nahanokan unya ikawsad nagmahay nakaron

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      9th of Jan, 2012
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    Guys, when Randall Bias came back to Cebu City sometime lalst year, he asked me to train his hired agents and I met Angel Hermosisima and Earl Epe. After a week of training those batch of agents, I cam across of faxes / complaints that Randall Bias failed AGAIN to deliver fudge and cookie dough. Thought he had CHANGED after I CLOSED Cebu Operations last 2010.

    I shared what I had discovered to both guys Angel H and Earl, but they never listened to me. But, instead they stayed and were even partners. Advised them to stay away and STOPPED. So now WHAT they got?

  • Kr
      22nd of Jun, 2012
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    I worked for Randall in 2011, I think, at the Dade City Business Center. I worked there for about 3 months and figured out what was going on. I did everything from training people to work from home, to dealing with mad customers, cleaning, shipping, providing lunch and coffee and I worked 5 days a week 8 hours a day and he paid me $20 a day!!! He was a jerk. He treated his employees like crap. I had so many complaints and he would tell me to tell him that he is not there and want me to explain why they paid money but did not receive any fudge! Finally I started researching and found out a lot! I called Pam Bondi because he had an open investigation with her office and I asked if anything ever happened could I get into trouble and they said they could not tell me anything, So I decided to quit, but before I did I made copies of every file that had a complaint and also copied invoices to show where they paid and copied invoices that Randall received from the company that he orders the fudge from and copied his bank statements, which all proves that he was taking peoples money and cashing into the business account the transferring to personal account and lying and scamming these people.

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