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Signed up for Real Estate Mastery Property Search membership in 2007, cost about AUD$2K. For this price, I should get: 2 tickets to the Real Estate Mastery seminar, educational CDs/DVDs, supports, inner access to developments etc.

All I got were 2 email invitations in early 2008 to attend a seminar, in which they were trying to sell you the land+house package somewhere in the western suburbs, about 20km from the city. Which I thought not a very good value given the price is quite high so I didn't bother signing up. And then nothing happened for the whole year. So I decided to go to their website:

Surprise, surprise, the website is no longer valid. What my money gone to?? I got no value from this membership and strongly recommend to anyone to NOT sign up anything with Empowernet/Playground Construction or even come to their seminars. You can get good information from so many investing books out there. Learnt my lesson.

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      Feb 10, 2010

    You and many fellow Aussies were ripped off by this mob. I too attended their seminar in december 2007. It was run by a company called Empowernet. One of their scammers tried to get $5, 000 from me as a 'finder fee' to find me a real estate '15-20% under market value'. I bolted out of there and didn't give them a cent. The company illegaly used Anthony Robbins image and reputation to market their snakeoil and were recently sued by the Robbins Foundation. They now operate under the name Superwoman. Stay away from these scammers my fellow aussies.

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      Nov 02, 2010

    Funny they still promote Tony Robbins in Australia and are still selling scams alongside his name. see Empowernet is a modern day snake oil sales roadshow. The only difference is it's now worldwide i.e. Empowernet International.

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      Apr 30, 2012

    i say BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! they still onto their old tricks and ripping people off left right and centre. I worked for Empowernet for a short time and that's all I could handle of the dodgy deals, the attitude towards customers, the escalating numbers of customer complaints unattended to and not to mention the overall chaos - it amazes me they continue to survive.

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      Sep 26, 2013

    DODGY EXPENSIVE DEALS. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. MONEY HUNGRY. Only recommended program is Tony Robbins the REST IS SCAMS!!!

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      Apr 14, 2014

    They completely are snake oil salesman absolutely atrocious attitude towards customers. Got my money & we have no product. Promoting Adam Ginsburg.. Stay away from him they are just as bad!

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      Aug 06, 2014

    My son and his partner (a young couple in their early 20's working hard to buy their first home) purchased the "Never work again unless you want to" programme, which cost them about $4K. It was sold to them as a 4 day programme for learning different ways of earning a passive income. When they were given the dates for the event it had been cut back to 3 days. Now the event that was to be held in Melbourne has been cancelled and they won't give them a date for when it is to take place. Numerous requests have been made for return of funds (Empowernet have now had the $4K for over 12 months) but these have been refused. Does anyone have any suggestions of what can be done? This young couple could really do with these funds to help them on the way to getting their house, instead of being scammed by this unconscionable company. Rather ironic seeing as the event that they purchased the programme at was "Millionaire Mind Intensive"!

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      Feb 06, 2015

    Please contact Ms. Laura Albrey of Current Affair program of Channel nine on 03 [protected] or [protected]
    you can also contact today tonight program of channel 7 or 3AW talk back radio programs too
    Last you can list your hearing case at Tribunal of NSW.

    Empowernet owner is Michael Burnett, he pays decent $ to invite big name presenter mixed with bunch of small ones, trying to sell sound 'reasonably priced' workshops, tickets or memberships at the free seminar. Once they got you to the workshop they will try to sell you much more expensive but indecent programs, making you feel you can't do it without their special assistance and you doom to fail without their much more expensive programs. at whatever level you almost have no chance of getting money back... even their workshops days will definitely fall beyond 3 days cooling off days ...

    I am the victim of their Income Education program - buying property in USA, Shaun Shelton tricked me into the program with promises, He will disappear after signing. I stayed in USA for nearly one month and his team and himself never returned my email... When I confronted them at another workshop when I came back to Australia, they kicked me and my wife out agreeing to refund, then later on sending email explaining Empowernet got our money and there is nothing they can do. Then I called Empowernet 3 times and emailed them over 10 times leading to just silence. They are the shark in event industry, using big hame to attract big crowd then ripped them off with almost unreadable terms and conditions... My name is Dominic on [protected] and [protected] Please join us for class action.

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      Apr 27, 2015

    I have fallen for this scam as well. I dont want their real estate training but cannot get a refund because their terms say that I should ask for a refund within 3 days. Is there a way to get a refund from them?

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      May 01, 2015

    This company is a SCAM!! If you bought into there 'deal' cancel it before the 3 working days before your money is history.

    They have NO customer service, and will continue to run this operation to SCAM whoever they can.

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      May 07, 2015

    Short story is, i bought into there deal out of the amazing story to easily generate enormous amounts of income. Went home to do some research on the speaker at the seminar, his company and his program, finding no good reviews and ALOT of negative comments i cancelled the agreement within 3 working days. I waited a 30 working day processing period and no money was refund, countless calls asking for customer service and emails with no response, i threatened to sue them and within hours they replied and finally processed my refund which i have received.

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      Sep 13, 2015

    Worried I've fallen into the trap. We attended National Achievers 2015 Congress in Sydney on 8th September. Figured if such big names were present (Sir Richard Branson, Michelle Bridges) then everything was all good. Anyway we signed up for the Shaun Shelton 3 day workshop, and paid in full $3495. Next day I searched for any good or bad comments, and only found bad. I rang their phone no [protected] and spoke to Ollie and followed the instructions on how to exercise my Cancellation Rights 2 days after paying. He said if I don't get an email back in 3 days to call him back and he would chase it up for me. So guess what? No email. Tried ringing back and only get an answering service. So feeling like I've lost a lot of money at the moment. Any advice much appreciated.

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      Sep 21, 2015

    Empowernet don't even delivery the Tony Robbins programs well. Bought diamond seating with a list of perks promised including lunches, VIP area, preferred seating, a private pre-show chat from Tony, first access to the firewalk, blah blah blah. The VIP area was a damp-smelling tent, the whole Homebush location was freezing and more suited to livestock than human beings, Tony did NOT show up for a pre-show chat, and when i went to take my 'in front of stage' tickets, I was told by Tony's people that 'Platinum Partnership' people only could sit there and that they had paid 'x amount' for their tickets as if that was suppposed to impress me (it was the same price I'd paid, ridiculous). We didn't even get first access to the firewalk. It boggles my mind that Tony continues to use these people. I'm sure all he sees are the smiling promoters and the crowd. In the end, I quit on the first day and got my money back (as Tony promised on stage), but I will never see a Tony Robbins event in Australia again (I go in the US), because Empowernet and Michael Burnett are a sad bunch of poseur ###.

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