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Employment Service / Identity theft

1 United States

Job applicants, BEWARE of (Name Deleted) Employment Service, which operates franchise locations in most major cities.

They accept "applications" from legitimate job seekers who are honest U.S. Citizens.

Then, suddenly, their illegal alien outplacement agents place illegal aliens into legitimate jobs using a false name and address and YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

Check all inquiries on your credit report, and all communications you receive from IRS and social security -- you will not know about it until IRS claims you owe thousands of dollars in back taxes or you can't get a job because your credit is bad or you have filed numerous disability claims with social security.

This same scam is being operated by companies advertising in local newspapers for resumes to be mailed to PO Boxes or in care of the newspaper. Never put your date of birth or social security number on your resume.

Car dealerships are also accepting credit applications from legitimate folks, and their "hispanic" salesman somehow has friends pop out of nowhere wanting to buy a car using your social security number.

If a repo man comes to your door wanting to recover a car you never owned, don't run him off, get the finance company information and call them and cooperate in prosecuting not only the person who used your social security number, but also the crooked dealership that allows this type identity theft to occur, and facilitates their hispanic sales staff in perpetuating it, and firing them only after someone complains.

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