employment recruiters / bait and switch

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I was filling out an application for a job with Petsmart when my application was taken over by gigats. Today, I received a call from Will who said he was an employment specialist with gigats. He asked me all kinds of questions regarding my employment searches and also, if I were going to continue my education. I have been unemployed for almost two years because of a work injury and have been released by my doctor to return to some kind of limited work. I have begun searching for jobs on line, have applied for some, and already gotten 'Dear Theresa' letters of rejection. Will said he would send me an email a day for a job he felt I would be extremely qualified and said he would send me one every day until I was employed. He kept pushing continuing education. I received no initial email from him and according to others who have complained about gigats, I won't be getting any. I am extremely disappointed in gigats tactics and in myself for being so naive as to believe these shysters.

May 20, 2015

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