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1 Florissant, MO, United States

I lost my job in April of 2009 and at that time the everything seemed to down the toliet. Our banks, homes, jobs, cars, everywhere you turned something or someone was needing help to bail them out. I thought it wouldn't be long and things would get back on track again and I would again be employed.

In August I got a temporary/part time job with an attorney who practices med mal. I can handle that with no problem after all I have been a Legal Secretary for over 20 years. Then I started looking for a full time job - nothing. I have been turned down by more companies and law firms than I can count. They all tell me my recommendations are excellent, resume impressive, I pass all the tests they give me and still here I am 1 year later and still unemployed.

Can't figure it out. All I want to do is work again full time with some health benefits and given the chance to prove myself. The government jobs are all for future openings and who knows when that will ever be. They keep talking about all these jobs they are creating to help the unemployed, but I certainly haven't seen anything happening here in St. Louis.

I do know you have to know someone to get in to most of these places. The one legal firm that I worked at was Thompson Coburn. I worked there for almost 14 years before I left to move to California to get married. My boss there always said if you ever come back and want a job, call me. When I did move back (8 years later) I looked him up and he said, they have a policy now that they don't rehire employees who have worked there in the past. Is that fair? I was a good, loyal employee, always on time, and did my job. Why wouldn't they hire me back? I didn't leave on bad terms. I would think a company would hire someone back (1) because they know the office polices and politics, (2) they are a good worker and know the equipment used and where pretty much everything is, (3) wouldn't have to spend time retraining. Wish someone would help me find a job...

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