Employment Crossing / Billing practrices

CA, United States

I signed up for a free trial in November 2011. They then started billing me monthly, but I never received notice they were billing me every month. Unfortunately, I had just moved, so I did not notice this until mid February. I called but they refused to credit my account for one month when I cancelled. I contacted the BBB in California. Employment Crossing has a rating of D-. Yes, that's right. a DEE-MINUS! I sent a complaint letter to the state attorney generals office requesting a full refund. The California AG office did what they could without getting legally involved, and I ended up getting a letter from the state AG of California with a copy of my contract from Employment Crossing showing how I signed up. It was done very quickly, which tells me Employment Crossing has had to do this often just to satisfy the needs to the investigation from the California State AG office. Plus, I cancelled mid-Feb and I am still to this day (April 14, 2012) getting emails from them!! I called and demanded that I be removed, and the same flim-flam man I talked to last time said he will submit my request.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They are absolutely horrible. The few good comments you'll see about the company are from fake accounts set up by people who work for them.

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