Employee by the name of mirjana v. / ordering a part

On August 4TH I ordered a battery fuse for my vehicle. They told me the part would be there by 1:30pm.. Around 2 pm I called to see if my part had made it mirjana answered the phone and told me there was no part there. Upon asking her to double check she then had an attitude and wasn't worried about checking for me.. She then said to call back around 4:30 and it should be there.. I call later on at 4:30 she says that my order still hasn't came. She then tells me to call in 15 minutes..all the while she has an attitude.. Instead of calling back I got to the store... I asked her about the part in the store and when it will arrive she acted like she wasn't worried about checking for it until I kept telling her how unprofessional she was being.she then proceeded to call I guess the delivery guy who was supposed to get the part and of course he too was in aware of getting my part I had already paid for.He then says he didn't even bother to get the part he went to a different location and did a different delivery instead of getting my part. I went 2 different times to see about my part and she was very unprofessional and rude.

Aug 04, 2018

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