Empire Parking Services (EPS) / My car was wrongfully booted

Stone Mountain, GA, United States

I stepped away from my car to use the ATM machine at SunTrust which is located at the back of the building after hours. My car was parked in front of SunTrust. When I returned, my car was booted. I was told I was gone for 20 minutes. I was told that SunTrust has a parking deck for clients.
I called around 6 times to get assistance from the number given, but to avail.
I also called the police department. They did come and was very professional, but stated that there wasn't any thing he could.
My concern is that this company has a " We are always right disposition".
My concern is this company has no one in place to listen to legitimate disputes. My concern is I was hung up on 4 times total trying to speak to someone to handle my concern like any respectful business would be concerned about how their business is being operated.
My car was booted at 4:20. I stayed in the parking lot until 6:43 pm
trying to speak to someone who had some type of authority to make a decision based on being wrongfully booted. I hope you take the opportunity and read the concerns of your company and make necessary changes. At the end of the day, to treat people unfairly for money should not be your core value. As for me $75.00 is a lot of money being unemployed, but caring and being fair isn't one of your value statements.
Again evaluate what you are doing and make changes.

Dec 09, 2016

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