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I ordered bar ends on 12th May costing around £32. I could have got them elsewhere but was impressed with Emotouk's website. I chase the company after 1 month of hearing nothing and was told that they would be delivered the next week. Nothing arrived. Chased them again ans was told they had been posted so they would be traced through Royal Mail post. Nothing happened so contacted Emotouk again as was told they had got lost in the post and new ones would be sent. Obviously they have never arrived and I cannot ever get through on the telephone number on the website. I have emailed several times but no answer and still no response to my emails. Am thinking about contacting Trading Standards to see if anything can be done.

So basically, don't ever order anything from Emotouk. More and more people are having problems getting goods despite having paid in full. Their service is crap and they seem to be happy to take peoples' money but never deliver anything. Anyone got any suggestions for getting our money back or putting them out of business before other people get ripped off??


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  • Da
      Jul 15, 2009
    Emotouk - non received goods
    England, East Sussex
    United Kingdom

    I placed an order with emot for a number of specialist parts from Rizoma, totalling over £200. This was at the end of May (23rd they processed my payment). I heard nothing until I chased on 28th June, when I received a mail on 29th June saying that they would send the parts out next week. It is now 15 July and I still have not received my goods.

    If you ring the company, you get a recorded message to select a department, but they are always busy and you are asked to leave a message. I have chased the sales department by e-mail but nothing yet.

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  • Pc
      Aug 12, 2009
    Emotouk - undelivered goods
    eMoto Ltd
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    I enquired about a front mudguard for my bike and was quoted £134.00 plus £9.99 postage, total £143.99 that they would supply within 15 days. I tried to call their order line/ account line/ sales line etc but only got the recorded message. I placed on order via email and paid by credit card early June. I noticed they had taken £165.23 and when I again tried to call the answer message was the only reply. An email to query the cost was sent which was returned with a curt message stating price given was excluding VAT. After 15 days and still no delivery I asked for an update, which stated that the item would be here by the end of the week, and all deliveries were within 15 working days. after 15 working days still no delivery. Numerous unanswered calls and several emails stating unhappy with the service, I was told that if I cancelled the order I would have to forfeit 25% of the cost for "stocking costs".
    A return of £125.00 was made to my credit card, i.e. minus 25% (the only true promise they have kept). They also had the cheek to call me a “Time waster”
    Luckily my credit card company are chasing up the extra £42 and I will never use this useless company again!

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  • To
      Sep 10, 2009

    Placed an order with Emoto on 1st July received confirmation of order and £281.89 was taken from my account on 2nd July it's now 10th September still no goods, many emails sent get automated one back been passed to sales team no reply, no reply to the many phone calls when left message on automated phone, today the phone rings not even the machine answers just rings out, but still they are on the net and still accept orders and payments, WHY? Will I order of the internet again? not bloody likely.

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  • Le
      Sep 17, 2009


    i have trouble with my order to

    Did you get their Iban number ? swift or Bic ?
    I need to contact their bank to have my money bank, but emoto do not anwser to my mails.

    Please help !!

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  • Gp
      Sep 19, 2009

    It happened to me aswell.
    I have ordered seval parts on 23rd of August 09, no answers from anyone there, neither on the phone or by mail.

    G.P. (France)

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  • Be
      Dec 03, 2009

    We payed for 1600£, no delivery, no payment back!

    Account name: ITA MOTO
    Bank Name: HSBC Bank Plc
    IBAN: GB45 MIDL [protected]
    Swift: MIDLGB22
    Address: Cross Road, 897 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7NX

    What can we do to get our money back?

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