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As an update to my previous post I discovered that Emmanuel Hamilton's fiance Laura Michelle Smith is engaged in a plethora of online drama, bullying tactics and worldwide scamming under the guise of the Indigo Fledgling:

One only needs to google their names to find an abundance of information, a lengthy list of victims, and their attacks appear to be continuing/escalating with Laura Michelle Smith threatening to kill people and Emmanuel Hamilton threatening to rape women and their children.

This behaviour is disturbing to say the least. Thankfully it would appear that the Hamilton Ontario Police Department are aware of their behaviour and are taking the necessary steps to arresting and prosecuting these sick individuals.

Emmanuel Hamilton has been rumored to "tutor" children at the Hamilton School of Martial Arts. He's rumored to have worked for Mr. X Inc, Jam House Media, Guru Studios, have close ties to Michelle Shuster of Film Finances Canada and he apparently was recently fired from Arc House Productions in Toronto, Canada.

I can't help but assume his termination had something to do with his unprofessional conduct, absolutely batshit insane girlfriend, addiction to internet drama, and possibly karma as well... Because bad things tend to happen to bad people and believe me when I say this.. Emmanuel Hamilton and Laura Michelle Smith are really bad people.

I honestly feel sorry for, and sort of fear for the well being of their children.
Emmanuel Hamilton aka Manny Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is a rapist. My rapist. It all happened when we met at the office. I worked as an intern at Cable 14 in Hamilton. Manny worked as a "video guy" which is just a silly way of saying he was everybody's ###. He was the coffee boy.

Anyway, Manny started doing this show.. I think it was called MMA Cave. I would help out with the video production of this show. Manny and I started chatting. He wasn't much to look at.. but he seemed
nice. I was new to the city and eager to make friends.

We started hanging out. I would hang with him after shooting, nothing serious... just friends. I got the feeling he didn't have a very happy home life. His girlfriend was said to be controlling, manipulative and cruel, often telling him who he could/couldn't talk to and controlling his finances. Of course I found out later his girlfriend is infamous for being a psychopath, if you google Laura Smith Hamilton you'll see what I mean.

Manny stayed late at work one night. He said he had a lot of editing to catch up on. I had to work late as well. He asked me if I'd like to go for a drink, and I said sure. We went in his car, I attached a photo of this car to the entry because this is where the rape took place.

We were driving to Starbucks, only a 5 minute drive. It's literally just right around the corner from Cable 14. We got our coffee, and continued driving down King St W. Past the Pioneer. Into the ghetto, respectively. I assumed he was looking for a spot to pull over and hang out. I was right.

We pulled into an empty lot off King St W off Tisdale St S. Parked way back where we were hidden by trees. I thought it was weird, but Hamilton is very populated so maybe he just wanted privacy? I was right.

We sat and talked for a few minutes. He kissed me, and I did kiss back. I won't lie. I was okay with that. But before I knew it he forced himself on me. He's thin, but tall.. and I'm 5'3" and weigh about 110 lbs soaking wet. I couldn't get him off me.

I begged him not to do it. I asked him to stop. I told him no. I told him it hurt. But he didn't stop. Afterward, he drove me back to Cable 14, dropped me off and left. After that he didn't come in very often and I came to find out he was working somewhere else.

After talking to some people, I was told he has a sketchy past for drug use, spousal abuse, and was reported to have been arrested for child offending in the past. I was told that he tried to abduct children in St. Christopher's Park in 2012, and that he's a reputed sex offender.

I was tested, and found out I had STDs including chlamydia and herpes. Herpes cannot be cured. I now have this memory of him for my entire life. I will spread my story until he is stopped. I see now that Manny has children, Sawyer and Isla.. And I fear for their well beings. Not only is Emmanuel Hamilton a monster and a rapist, but his girlfriend Laura Smith is a maniac.

Please spread the word.

May 05, 2017
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  • Ni
      Aug 06, 2018

    Hey! I just wanted to reach out to you and see how you've been. Has Emmanuel been arrested? If not, I highly suggest spreading word on twitter. I can help you get the word around, trash like him don't deserve a second chance. I have respect for you - I hope you're doing okay

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  • So
      Nov 03, 2019

    Emmanuel Hamilton now works for Becky Production and lives in Niagara on the lake

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