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1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

In summary if I can explain the sequence of events to you it is as follows:
1. On 1st April 2011 I had booked my ticket via Emirates Online booking from 5th May 2011 to 5th june 2011
2. I then tried to go into online visa processing website via emirates after booking my ticket
3. I had problems progressing with online visa for the booking i had made due to the dates in exceedence of 30 days where my dates totalled a 32 day stay initially (i.e 5th May - 5th June)
4. I then called EMIRATES AIRLINES to adjust this problem to amend the return date to 3rd June making this an exactly 30 day visit to dubai,
5. I spoke a Consultant and she had amended the return date BUT told me when I board the plane I have to pay an adjustment fee once off for the correction, which I was completely fine with.
6. When I boarded my plane In SA there had said there are no fees reflecting as 'arrears' on my ticket and allowed me to board the flight without issues.
7. When I landed here in Dubai on the 6th May as I passed through Immigrations I was told my visa was BLOCKED
8. From this point on started the dilemma, I landed at 5AM Dubai Time Friday morning and only got to my friends apartment at 11pm that night Dubai time. This was effectively 18hours of emotional torture of being held ant airport, not having showered, brushed my teeth or eaten any food. All I was going through was Immigrations telling me "YOUR VISA CANCELLED WE CANNOT HELP YOU BUY ANOTHER VISA" so I did purchase another visa at ARABIAN ADVENTURES at the Airport which costed me 300 USD plus 130 AED for immigation fees.
This was money I did not have, I am currently looking for a job here in Dubai and did not anticipate spending this money as this was my monies for emergency of food etc whilst I am here. Now I have no cash in excess should I have any further problems.

I was literally detained at the airport this day, and no amount of money will re-imburse the emotional torture i have experienced.
I had initially booked an EMIRATES ticket for the main reason of having the visa convenience online on the booking of my ticket. Yet I could have bought a ticket via SAA costing me 5221 zar INSTEAD of 6500 zar which i paid for an EMIRATES FLIGHT for the mere convenience of the visa processing. Also I had called the EMIRATES OFFICE in DUBAI in advance of my trip and they had told me that If I book Emirates for 30 days they could further extend here in Dubai for another 30 days at a cost which was what I needed as a security just in case I do not get a job in 30days of stay here. NOW..It's all a waste of my time, my money and everything I got here for. I am under pressure to find something in 30days because now I have a TOURIST visa from arabian adventures at dubai airport which I was told I CANNOT EXTEND.

All this has now happend because EMIRATES airline have poorly managed my ticket change and DID NOT EVEN BOTHER to inform me in advance of my trip that MY VISA WAS CANCELLED.

I am an extremely disgruntled consumer and WILL NOT EVER book flights via emirates and neither will I use the online facility for visa because it has been a total waste of my emotions and most of all an inconvenience of being treated like a prisoner at the airport despite having spent so much of money for the convenience via Emirates booking --- i had to buy another visa to step into Dubai.

This issue must rectified and the least I expect from EMIRATES is some help on extending my visa stay here in Dubai or a complimetary ticket for such an awful flight here where even a simple pleasure like the tv sets on the aircraft did not work and kept becoming frozen.

It was a horrible trip via EMIRATES here..and Until this visa is compensated for an extension stay OR another ticket granted to me, I will no longer book my flights via EMRATES. Please check your records as I am a frequent flyer to Dubai USING emirates and this experience has been unforgiveable until EMIRATES makes effort to resolve this for me.

Sonal Lakhani

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  • Jp
      25th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I think it was your resposibility to ensure that you changed your VISA entry and exit dates from the UAE.
    The reason why they CANCELLED your VISA is that you failed to check with EMIRATES if yourVISA was also amended. You cannot hold the airline responsible for your problem.
    Firstly you should have a job there first and not go there looking for a job, thats where your problem arises as immigrations will never tolerate your excuses.
    And please you should be greatful that they even let you into their country after your 18 hours of torture considering they could have deported you back to your home soil.
    But all I can say if you eventually find work there, it will never be your HOME
    Think about it HOME is where your HEART lies.
    Take care
    Will hope to meet you in UAE sometime

  • Az
      31st of May, 2012
    0 Votes

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  • Ta
      13th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    hi my name tanvir and create a problem my viza cancel beacause create my family problem job join 2month no work start waiting for test NSI and PSBD in emrites security company but create family problem so cancel the viza in 2 month but i need job i pay this company viza fees 16000DREM please solution this problem..

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