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27th october 2010 :
I tried to book a flight (Online) from germany to jakarta. I have filled all the mandatary fields on the online booking forms, and filled the credit card section, and as I tried to confirm it, it said : "session expired / time out". Notice : there was no warning or information from the site that I should call them at that moment.

Also, it means there should not been any transaction at all, because it said time out, and as a contract, both parties should get confirmations. (At least that is what I know about "transaction" and common sense).
And I did not get any confirmation from emirates for this booking whatsoever. (Even until today, 13 november 2010)
*i have checked trash/spam/mail from all my email adress, and there is no confirmation from emirates about this booking.

As nothing was sent and happened, I took it as there was never been any transaction between emirates and me, and I assumed emirates didnt charge my credit card.

On 9th november 2010 :
I got my monthly credit card invoice, and saw that there was a charge from with code em *****. I didnt even know what that was.

On 10th november 2010 :
I have contacted my credit card company and they give me information that it is for a flight I "booked" on 27th of october 2010. (Suppose to be the " timed out" one then!).

On 12th november 2010 :
I went to hamburg airport (Emirates office in hamburg) , and I was told that I should contact this email, because she couldnt help me further with this problem, but she did print out my booking. Now I have a print out of the booking (But just today).

Then I called the call center, a lady called "gaby" was trying to convince me that it was all my fault, that I didnt call them straight away after the "time out/session expired" of the online booking site, (She said I should have known, that its mandatory to call the airline when the online session is expired after I put my credit card data.
And then, she blamed me for not to call them 2 weeks ago or in october, but how I suppose to know when I havent got my credit card invoice yet?
So I told her to calm down, I was not attacking her, but it would be helpful if she could provide me some suggestion for solution, and her solution was : 200 euro as cancellation fee!

1. Emirates does not care if its system has failure,
2. Does not care to check or send payment confirmation (I assume there should have known if they draw money from someone´s credit card, and how hard is it to send confirmation of payment???
3. Seems that no one can help me to solve this matters even when its their system failure

But as customer "should have known the system and called in case of time out/session expired" but emirates doesn´t hesitate to ask me for 200€ to cancel the ticket.

I really need advice, please, anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Ma
      Jan 11, 2013

    I am a senior flight manager with jet airways, this is to get to your notice about a cabin crew showed fake documents, with regards to a language bengali as she showed she knew, but she knows nothing about the language and the company is been cheated
    Hence i would like to take strict action againts the crew
    As, shes faked
    Mahatab macchiwala
    Pleas revert

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