Emirates Airlines / racial discrimination in-flight

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I was travelling to the us with my 7month old baby for the first time alone. I needed the cabin crew's help while preparing my baby's milk and food since he couldn't sit on his own and was too cranky maybe cause he was on flight for the first time. To my surprise none would answer the call but my co-passengers were kind and more humane. Again when I asked one of the flight attendents who was serving juice to fill my babies feeding bottle with some juice he said it was "quite unprofessional" to do so and hence he wouldn't fill it up. Gosh! What are they for? What's their duty? At another instance when I asked him to serve me meals after about 15mins he said he couldn't and that he would serve sandwich that too only after 2-3hrs. Racial discrimination was visible enough for I saw him serve the passengers next to me exactly after 15mins. The same crew member refused to help me with my cabin bag when I couldn't hold onto it with my baby trying to jump off my arms. Someone has to do something about that guy.
Flight details :
Ek 201 dbx - jfk.
Doj : 22 april 2010.
Time : 8.30am local time.
Seat : 23d
Zone : g

Hope no mother travelling alone with an infant finds such inhumane unfit cabin crew. Such people do need to be punished for it's their duty to serve... At least humanitarian consideration must exist.

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      23rd of May, 2010

    I agree with the above comment. You cannot expect an Airline stewdard/steardess to do all these things for you. I Am a Steward and primarily we are there for your safety not to fill up your babys bottle with juice. You are one of 400 or more passengers that the crew are looking after. Not everyones demands can be met within an instant all the time. Do you expect them to lift 400 passengers bags? We are not there as your slaves. MOst of us have university degrees's and are working this job to travel. We are not uneducated people who couldnt find a better job. You should prepare yourself if you are going to be traveling with a child as it is difficult. Dont blame the airlines for it.

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      9th of Jun, 2010

    I agree with everyones comments. The crew was right to refuse to lift your bag and as a mother you should be prepared for such a long flight.

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