Emirates Airlinesstaff mistake caused passenger to pay around sr 4,500.00

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Check my bellow complaint which has been sent to the email given by the supervisore of emirates office at kuala lumbur for almost 22 days and up to now no action has been done and even no reply to my email. To be honest emirates from dubai had called but not because of the email it is due to the written complaint I have made while flying at dubai airport. Up to the moment no action has been taken and day by day am facing problems because of the money i've spent because of their mistake.

Dear customer affairs at emirates,
Salam alaykum,

With all the respect I would like to complain about the sad and bad trip i've ever had in my entire life which became so because a mistake of one of your staff at your office in kl, malaysia.
Before proceeding with my complain I want to you to know about my information as recorded in your system so it can be easy for you to trace what had happened to me.
Names: mr. Mohamed ali / omer abdelaziz & ms. Mohamed ali / sara abdelmoniem
Booking reference no: c6wdeb
Tickets no: 0176 [protected] 3 4 & 0176 [protected] 5 6
Flights roots: (Jun ek 347y kuala lumbur - dubai) * (7 jun ek 835y dubai - bahrain) * (7 jun ek 4354y bahrain - dammam) - return: (16 jun ek 824y dammam - dubai) * (16 jun ek 342y dubai - kuala lumbur)

My complain:
I went to your kl office as I was having diffcalty in finding booking in my required dates (Between 6 & 16 june) as I got some work to catch up after then. I asked your staff to find for me a booking in the above dates and I showed her my umrah visa and I told her that too. As she did not say anything about that I proceed with my booking and the next day I bought the ticket. Then I cut also my ticket to jeddah through saudi airlines as my wife is pregnant and can't travil by bus. After that we took our flight and every thing was fine until we reached dammam then the saudi immegration didn't allow us to inter the country saying that umrah visa holder cant inter saudi from any city apart from jeddah and he told that this role is will known by all the airlines. So they asked us to go back to bahrain and change the ticket to jeddah. When I reached bahrain I contact your office in the airport and I asked for help mintioning that my wife is pregnant and sadly your guys instead of helping us told us that I cant do any thing than sending us back to kl or we get our own ticket to jeddah. As we are coming with specific budget we couldn't manage to buy the tickets to jeddah. Again I meet one of your supervisor in one of your flight there in the airport and I explained to her our setuation and she told that she can do nothing and i've to go to your office at jeddah to sattle this matter. So, I asked my family to send us the money to buy jeddah tickets and that took 3 days until I got the money and travled to jeddah on 10th june. As u can see I spend me and my pregnant wife 2 nights and 3 days in the airport sleeping in the chairs like those people who don't have homes. The tickets to jeddah from gulf air cost us around bd 300 (rm 3, 000). After all that and when we reached jeddah I went on 13th to your office there and I explain to them my setuation and problem and asked them for small help as I didn't want us to had the same difficult time as in bahrain. That help was only to change our return flight from dammam - dubai to bahrain - dubai as we got gulf air ticket to return to bahrain. They told me that this is emirates officer mistake and they (kl office) can do reavalidation for the ticket and authorise jeddah guys to that small matter and even they told me that I might pay extra and I saied never mind. So what they do is that they've send an email to kl office in the same day and ask for the assistant and I also book for a flight from bahrain to dubai which can replaced my flight from dammam. That day was saturday and that why they told me that the reply for sure will come on monday in which i've my booking return to bahrain and I told jeddah staff about that. So I came back to the office on momday with all the hope that emirates consider my setuation and do the small help mintioned above. Unfortunatily, the reply of jeddah staff was that they didn't get the reply yet. Again they send one more urgent email to kl but nothing happened for a while. Then the staff and after I put them under prouser they advice me to call kl office and they gave me the no. I called twice and I explained my problem to them in the two times but what they told me in both that in less than half an houre they'll reply bak to jeddah and authorise them and I said why u cvant do it now they told that they're witing for the supervisor to authorise 1st. By that time my flight to bahrian was so near so the supervisor there mr. Khaled ahmed told me that it better to call them and he'll ask them to do the change from kl office and then he'll print the same from jeddah in order to safe time. I spend in total around sr 80 to sr 100 in the above calls to kl and what I got at the end? Nothing only the words " pls hold on for a while we are speaking to the supervisor " and nothing happened after that. So I was told told when I cut my ticket that there won't be any way for booking if I miss my flight on 16th until the begining of september. So and as I have some work and matches to catch up in kl I cut one more ticket for me from gulf air with the cost of around sr 1400. One more time when I reached dubai on 16th morning and exactly at 4.30am and in terminal 3 I went to your office in there and I explained my case to 3 of your guys there and as same as every where I couldn't get help sattle that problem. One think to be mintioned here is that your staff (sopervisor) mr, khaled who was working in the shift end at 6am advice me to write a complaint in one of your sugestion form and I did so and submitted the same to his colleage (supervisor) who took after khaled shift.
After reaching here kl I went the next day on 17th to your office and i've explained the same to your supervisor there who asked me to send this email and told me that you gonna ask them to do something for this case.

I told her that i'm trying to finish this matter between me and emirates without invloving my lowyer or my agent or anybody else.

I'm just looking for my rights and i'll never leave these rights even if I had to go to the legal action and courts.

U cant imagin how hard it is to spend that time sleeping in the airport chairs for a pregnant women.

Awaiting your immediate reply.

Note: I have all the documents to prove my matter including emirates & gulf air tickets emails sent from jeddah office to kl office and if you require them i'll send them to you.

Sincerely / omar bin abdelaziz (Obahja13)

: hp: +[protected] - +[protected]
1st address: [malaysia / selangor / subang jaya / ss 16/1 / jalan persiaran kemajuan / p. O. Box 47500 / l3a - 21]
2nd address: [malaysia / selangor / kl / iium / jalan gombak/economic canteen / 53100]
Email: [protected], [protected]@yahoo.Co. Uk


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