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Emerson TV, emachine Laptop / Black Friday

1 Van Buren Blvd.Riverside, CA, United States

I planned to go to Wal-Mart at 2am to line up to purchase 2 TV's & 2 Laptops @ $198 during the Black Friday event that was supposed to begin at 5am. Also on my list were the $2.97 mini kitchen appliances, $1.33 towels, $1.96 movies, $2.80 storage containers, 2 $20 printers and a few apparel items. My son & I first went to Toys-R-Us @ 9p for the 10p sale but after seeing the excessively long line decided to drive by WalMart to see if their line started. No line but people were going in the store so we decided to go in.
By FLUX we discovered they were ALREADY lining up INSIDE the store for the special purchase items. I got the "unmentioned ticket" at 9:30p for a laptop @ but requested 2 only to find out its 1 per person, so I had to find my son to get the 2nd ticket. Then find out I can't purchase the laptops AND the TVs, it was one or the other. We decided on 2 TV's. Then find out we can't get out of line for ANY reason without a kindergarten "15 min pass" or we lose our ticket which is also lost if late coming back from your pass. SO, I was in line by flux at 9:30p, unable to shop for other early bird items on my list, unable to even get both TVs & laptops and unable to get out of line without risk of losing my TV's until we got our bracelets at 2am!!
I watched others pass by with 8 of each mini appliances, tons of DVD's and tons of other doorbuster items. There should have been a limit on those items too as it was unfair to those of us stuck in special purchase lines. The few doorbuster items I did get was solely due to the kindness of the lady behind me daughter who brought what she could find since she wasn't binded to the special purchase line as my son & I were!
NOTHING was said in the ad about lining up at 12am, a limit on number of "special purchase" items per customer, being unable to leave the line until you got a bracelet or that items would be givin out via bracelets prior to 5am. This unfair practice is unetical to say the least! Ironically, I was there early enough to purchase the other doorbuster items, but stuck in line and unable to shop, even after I got my "ticket" which led to the "bracelet" which led to ONE "special purchase item".
Yes, we got 2 TV's but didn't get the 2 laptops & printers or any of the other doorbuster items I planned to purchase. NEVER AGAIN!


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