emerson funai/ 32 inch LCD TVlcd broke

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i have a 32 inch lcd flatscreen tv that broke in one year and one moneth after i purchased it. I never watched it and it is going to cost me $310 to fix. My friend also purchased this tv about 6 months after me and hers broke as well but was covered under warranty. she still had to pay for the labor. i want my tv repaired for free or my $580 back. i have never purchased anything this badly made and poorly produced. Obviously this is a wide spread problem i have read about on the internet. I mean my friends tv breaks too and its the excact same tv with the excact same problem. unbelievable! unacceptable. i will never buy emerson agian. I have had a 27 flat tube emerson tv for 6 years and still works fine!

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  • Jo
      Jun 05, 2009

    i have a 32 inch emerson lcd tv also that has happened too and they wont cover it i dont see why they are selling this poorly made tv and ripping people off knowing this tv has this bad of problems

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  • Ka
      Mar 06, 2011

    The same thing happened to us. I researched it online and was amazed and the hundreds of people this also happened to. I can't believe that there is not a recall on this or a class action lawsuit! I also will never buy anything with the name Emerson on it again! Most people bought this from Wal-mart. I hear that they buy inferior electronics to sell at a cheaper price.

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