Emeritus Senior Living / Elder negligenc, TOO MANY medicine errors, chart records missing or changed, etc.

1 15 Main Street, Hilton Head Island, SC, US Review updated:

Our experiences with Emeritus Senior Living at Hawthorne Inn, Hilton Head, SC

This afternoon, just before 5:00pm, I tried posting the following review on the company's Facebook page. The first time, it was removed in a few minutes. The next three times, it took just seconds to disappear. I feel as though it is fair to always receive "the other side of the story" so I am posting the same review here.

On appearances, this facility seems to an attractive place for you or your loved one to live. I am usually very discriminating and I was "sold" nevertheless. I believed the pitch (a very good one but, hey, how could the chairman of the company otherwise live in a $6 million + home?) and should have gotten EVERYTHING in writing...too late for that now...

I had to pull a loved one from this Emeritus facility, Emeritus At Hawthorne Inn on Hilton Head, SC, after 100 days of discouragements such as pleading with them to properly administer my husband's medications and thinly veiled assurances such as an August 15 (Day 51) email reply from the director saying, "It will get better"!

Interestingly, after emailing the director of yet another medication error, I was told I may not communicate with the facility any longer by email because of "company policy". You can figure that out, I am sure. There's more on that...The record has been "corrected"...

Rather than accuse in this brief, I can show you things which may astound you - even frighten you away from this facility quicker than the skeletons draped in black cloth and cobwebs which hung from their entranceway on Oct 1!

Unfortunately, it does not help to elevate your concerns with this company. Their legal team must "review" the resident's entire record before you receive copies. For some reason, some very revealing records which I know to have existed in my husband's chart have not been forwarded. A subsequent request to the Emeritus legal representative resulted only in repeatedly asking me which "missing" records I know exist...

I would like to show you. Please contact me (I am EmeritusComplaint and have a gmail account) if you find their tactics to be manipulative and/or greedy, their administration of medications sub-standard, your loved ones' records manipulated and/or contrived, if you think that their facility and/or corporate motivations are seriously flawed... or, most importantly, if you are thinking of placing your loved one in a caring community in the Hilton Head area.

To be fair, there are a just a few wonderful women (oblivious to what's behind the closed doors) who are employed at this facility. One in particular of whom I became especially fond is dear Lois who is usually at the reception desk with a sincerely warm welcome. For them, I've added a star (from one to two).

Signed, "Concerned for those still in an Emeritus facility"

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  •   Oct 19, 2012

    Marilyn Miele Hrboar Hayes

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      Oct 20, 2012

    If the reader will notice, a comment to my complaint was made on October 19th by "mmhh", someone unknown to me. As suspicious as many other circumstances we have experienced with Emeritus, this character has set up a profile using my Facebook profile information. The photo is from my Facebook page and the name has just two letters out of order. Come on!!! Can you stop with the harrassment? And, I would guess that this type of behavior is or should be illegal! If you're an Emeritus employee, why don't you put your attention towards compassionate and responsible resident care?

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      Oct 20, 2012

    TO THE EDITOR: Would you please help me determine who it is that is falsely representing himself/herself as me? You have my email address in mt account information. THANK YOU in advance for your assistance.

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      Oct 22, 2012

    UPDATE!!! NOW IT SEEMS VERY APPARENT TO ME WHO THE POSTER IS WHO IS USING MY NAME!!! I was visited by a deputy sherrif this evening. It was timed very well - I was dining with my husband in the wonderful restaurant-styles dining room of Carolina House Assisted Living facility, Hilton Head, where my husband now happily resides. I was served No Trespassing notice signed by the director of Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn, Paula Foard, notifying me that I will be arrested if I come on to their property. The document she signed has my forst mane and all three surnames!!! Maybe a very unique cooincidence (haha) but the Hawthorne Inn never had my three sunames! Of course, they complained to the officer that I posted negative reviews about them on the internet...Sorry, Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head, this just goes to show the nature of your objectives. What is even more atrocious is this: Yesterday, I went to bring little gifts to the two very elderly people with whom my husband sat in the (much less than satisfactory) "dining room" at Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head. I had become very fond of them and always enjoyed visiting with them and exchanging hugs. I promised to visit them and I have been doing so and was never less than friendly to most staff and at least cordial to whom I believe are the worst offenders. TONIGHT, the officer told me that they have sign affidavits that these two precious people signed that they no longer want me to visit them...I actually cried when I heard that! WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND THE RESIDENT CARE DIRECTOR HAVE SAID TO THEM??? I wonder if they even really know what they signed...Furthermore, I had a good laugh with the staff who saw that the deputy came in for me after showing them the document...Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head dba Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living, you are embarrasing yourselves!

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      Oct 22, 2012

    ALERT!!! UPDATE!!! I NOW BELIEVE I KNOW WHO IS USING MY PHOTO AND POSTING AS ME!!! (Legal disclaimer: Until, item by item, any of the following allegations are investigated and/or tried in a court of law, I will only say that what I am writing below are my personal opinions and/or observations and/or beliefs and have not yet proven or disproven.)

    I posted some negative reviews on the internet over the past few days about Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head dba Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living Hilton Head. As I mentioned above, the "person" (previously unknown) whose comment appears just below mine is using my photo and my three sunames. Maybe this "person" wanted me to think they were clever by posting this but I was never trying to hide my identity - If I wanted to be anonymous, I am much smarter than that.

    I moved (Praise God!) my dear, 88 year old husband from Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head dba Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living Hilton Head and placed him in the Carolina House Assisted Living in Hilton Head, a place WORLDS above the Hawthorne Inn in every way. His health is being restored, thankfully, and he is SO much happier being treated with the dignity he so much deserves. No longer being overdosed with diuretics (that he was while at Hawthorne Inn is a FACT) and is finally getting his prescribed Metamucil, he is no longer dehydrated and is MUCH more comfortable as well.

    Well...while dining this evening with my husband in the Carolina House Assited Living Hilton Head dining room*, a DEPUTY SHERIFF interrupted my meal to serve me a No Trespassing notice, signed by the "Executive Director" of Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head! I was informed if I EVER came upon Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head property, I would be arrested! The deputy heard my side as well and was sympathetic and encouraging - I know he was just doing his job..nice guy.

    Here's the Ah Ha moment though...Can you guess what my name was at the top of the page? Yup! It had my first name and ALL THREE SURNAMES!!! There's only one place I have used all three names EVER and I posted a complaint about Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head with it! And...nope, nowhere on any of the facility documents did I ever use any but the last one!

    So, like I said, Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head, rather than try to retaliate for my trying to provide potential residents and their families with my opinions, beliefs and observations of negligence at your faciltity, I think it would be a much better use of your time learning about proper medication application, proper documentation, the wrongs of subtracting potentially damaging documents from a resident's chart, not creating false documents, and following the residents care plans (done VERY poorly in my husband's 100 days there). Maybe there's another resident there, like my husband was, who is lying in a urine SOAKED diaper, pants, shirts, blanket and sheets to whom you can attend? Or maybe you can use your time better by actually GIVING the medications that you're initialling as having been given? Or...Or...Etc.

    The deputy heard their complaints about my negative reviews on the internet but could care less about them, agreeing I have a right to express my opinion. Oddly, theis "person" also has a right to act stupid and use my identity to post online as me! Oh well, I guess that's Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head dba Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living Hilton Head's way of revenge. No problem though, the staff of the Carolina House and I had a good laugh about it. The directors of Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head are just embarrassing themselves and showing us all how they react to someone bringing their negligence to light. Also, how they utilize their time...

    The saddest of all, though - I actually cried when the deputy told me this - is this: I became very, very fond of the two Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head residents with whom my husband sat in the dreary and impersonable "dining room". I so enjoyed visiting with them in their rooms, exchanging hugs and laughs, and they cared for my husband and for me. I promised I would continue to visit them and I have. In fact, just yesterday I came by to give them hugs and little Thanksgiving trinkets.

    Well, the "Executive Director" told the deputy that she has signed affidavits from my Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head dba Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living Hilton Head friends, saying that they no longer want me to visit them! I am absolutely appalled at how low they will stoop! I am in disbelief that those two precious individuals would have signed such a document without some kind of sadly manipulative tactic.

    I have been patient and respectful and most often very friendly to the entire staff. That is, except for the "Resident Care" director who I could not respect. I am sure his family loves him but I have never believed he was capable - I have record of some very interesting staff comments relative to this. Any possible repect for him waned when he smirked and insulted me. This was when I, with forced dignity, brought up a 2 1/2 week long problem which was in DIRECT VIOLATION of SCDHEC, the licensing agency for SC Assisted Living facilities. The Executive Director did resolve the problem within a couple of hours of my emailing her the relative quote of DHEC regulations. I wrote her a note of encouragement and thanks because the issue was potentially hazardous for all the residents. Yet...I felt like since I was paying such a huge sum of money for my husband's "care" there, I should not be teaching them DHEC regulations.

    So, I have been told now that "the entire staff is deathly afraid of you" by the Executive Director. Many of staff were very kind when I visited my friends and some actually went out of their way to say hello. My guess is the ones involved in the errors and subsequent "damage control" are the ones that are afraid. If I were any of them, I think I would be as well. Or, maybe, the staff is being manipulated like my friends I am no longer allowed to visit? They certainly didn't look or act "deathly afraid". When truth is on our side, we have no reason to fear.

    Unfortunately, The Executive Director told me early on that their facility, Emeritus at Hawthorne Inn at Hilton Head, did not have other residents with family members who knew as much as I did about their loved one's care. I believe she was trying to compliment me but my jaw figuratively dropped. How sad! Yes, I did manage my husband's medical office for seven years so I do know a few things. But, it only takes LOTS attention and a good dose of common sense to see what's behind their facade.


    If you are looking for an assisted-living facility in the Hilton Head area for yourself or for a loved one, and if you care to receive more information before determining what facility you choose, you can now easily locate me by using the information provided by my imposter!

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