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emerites / inhumane

1 Lebanon

etihad grossly negligent

- the cause of accident this is what happenrd

passenger stairs 30cm lower than the cadin door sill height
passenger stairs not in the correct position on disembarking first step down passenger stairs to low and my foot nearly went between the passenger stairs platform and the fusilage of the plane thats what caused the fall

in 2007 i had a fall disembarking serious injuries to leg and back on etihad flight from sydney australia to abu dhabi flight ey 4510 20/11/2007
etihad have been denying their liability and not paying for urgently needed operation
because of the denial and delay by etihad im in a wheelchair now for the rest of my life
i have a compensation claim case running but because im in a foriegn country with no work or money for the last 3 years i have been suffering with pain and no medical treatment because no money
my solicitor talked to etihad solicitor and my solicitor told him give him some money or lets try and settle the claim hes going to die and the etihad solicitor said what do you think etihad is some charity organization
what inhumane atitude by etihad and its staff
what a serios crime
i advise everyone never fly etihad because when something goes wrong
they treat you like you never existed

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