emergency and specialty animal medical centerDo not go here.

DO NOT EVER GO HERE! THIS PLACE KILLED MY CAT! I am heartbroken and in shock. They supposedly examined my cat, which had been injured, took x-rays and sedated it- would not let me see the cat or take the cat home unless I paid them over $500. They refused to take any payment besides cash, which I did not have in the middle of the night. I gave them what I had- about $100 with the understanding that I could return the next day with the balance and pick up the cat. When I returned, they informed me that the cat was dead. They did not tell me this when I called earlier to check on the cat and did not tell me until after I had paid their outrageous bill. I believe that they put the cat down, thinking that I might not return, and not even waiting to find out. I was also not even permitted to speak with the doctor after the initial exam- only the very bossy and mean receptionist "Barb", who lied to me repeatedly and probably was responsible my cat's death. This place is an absolute nightmare!

Jan 12, 2015

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