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Emerald Passport / Director did not deliver goods

1 178 Lincoln HLSCoatesville, IN, United States Review updated:

I entered into the Emerald Passport business in January of 2009 under Director Ed Bounds from College Station, TX. I became a Phase 1 distributor in my third week. In April of 2009, Mr. Bounds informed me that one of my Phase 1 qualifying sales people was stepping up to purchase a Phase 2 ticket and if I purchased one also then I would become Phase 2 qualified. I purchased the Phase 2 ticket but the other member did not. According to the agreement, Mr. Bounds had 10 business days to place my Phase 2 order. He did not place the order in that ten day period. I contacted him and asked why he had not placed the order, he claimed that he would wait until he had more orders to place and then place my order then. Weeks went by and in May, after investing over $8k in the business, I decided to move on. I asked Mr. Bounds for a refund on my Phase 2 order since he still had not placed it. Mr. Bounds refused to refund my ticket purchase. I then asked Mr. Bounds to refund half of my ticket purchase and he would keep half and not place the order. Mr. Bounds agreed to this and stated he would be sending me a check for half of the amount. Mr. Bounds never sent the refund. I contacted him numerous times about the refund. Now EPI is out of business and Mr. Bounds is claiming he placed my order and never agreed to a 50% refund. He has threatened me with lawsuits and claims that my issue is with EPI not delivering my order. He claimed this AFTER EPI went out of business.

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      5th of Jan, 2010
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    Dear Mark Holeman,

    You are once again making claims that are inaccurate. You are still looking for someone else to blame for your lack of success in "your business venture" with Emerald Passport. Your purchased a product from Emerald Passport, and it clearly states in your written agreement, that you have 4 days to request a refund. You did NOT exercise your right to do that until "5 months later", AFTER your wife was laid off. Then due to your lack of effort and success with "your business venture", you wanted to quit your business and ask for a refund.

    This was a clear attempt to try and cash out, so you did not have to worry about money until she got another job. In fact, that is what you said as to why you wanted your money back. You can't expect our supplier, Emerald Passport, or me for that matter, to be your "bank" that you can come to when times get hard. There is no legitimate business venture in the world that would promise you a "guarantee" that if you don't make money, you can get you money back 5 months later!

    We all go through hard times, I have been there many times in my life and the sudden closing of Emerald Passport, our supplier in our businesses, put many of us in hard times again. However, unlike you, I will never look to blame others people for my lack of success in a business venture. I should have planned better, and I would not be feeling the affects of the closure. I will correct that error on my part in the future. You have no one to blame but yourself for your lack of effort in becoming successful with your Emerald Passport business.

    As a Christian businessman, I am on a mission to help as many people become successful Internet business owners as I can. You know as well as anyone how committed "I" am to the distributors whether I benefit from their success or not. I mentor people to become successful business owners. (I do this for FREE, I might ad) You received nearly hundreds hours of my consulting time for FREE, now you are claiming you did not get what you paid for. I provided countless hours of training for for YOU at NO CHARGE, and even trained YOUR CUSTOMERS, all for FREE.

    Now you are trying to make me out to be some bad person, you know the truth. Many other distributors, that were willing to work hard, had amazing success with Emerald Passport and my mentoring.

    As for the threat of lawsuit, I told you if you make false claims to try and slander my reputation, I would take action. I think that anyone who "works hard" to build a solid reputation in business as I have, has that right to protect their livelihood. You are disgruntled and you want someone to pay for your failures, that is just NOT how the world works. NOW, you leave me no choice, but to protect my good name and the ability to provide for my wife and 3 kids.

    I have had the honor to mentor and assist thousands of people in business, over the past 30 years, and you are one of only a few that have anything bad to say about me. Everyone knows that you can not please 100% of people all of the time, so my record speaks for itself. The only people who have anything bad to say, are people that have not put forth the effort it takes to become a successful business owner, then want to blame others.

    There are many people whom I have been blessed to help in the past, that for whatever reason did not put forth the effort and failed, but thank God they did not look to blame me, they took responsibility for their lack of effort. I know and God knows, that I am doing good by people. I, no way clam to be perfect, but always give it my all, to make sure I conduct my business with the highest ethical and moral character. I suggest you learn to do the same if you ever want to become a successful entrepreneur. You can not look for the easy way out, when things don't go you way in business.

    I repeat, I will not get in a debate on the Internet with you about who I am and what I am about. I will leave that for the courts when you and I meet there.

    Regardless of how you are trying to hurt me and MY FAMILY, we forgive you and wish you well in your life and future.

    May God Bless you and yours always,


    Ed Bounds

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      18th of Mar, 2011
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    Ed, again you have tried to turn the facts around. I did not ask for a refund on my Phase One product and you know it. I asked for a refund on the Phase Two product that you NEVER delivered. You agreed to a 50% refund and stated in an email that you were sending a check. Then EPI went out of business and you claimed that you never made that agreement, that you put in the order and that my fight was with EPI. Who is trying to get over on someone else now? I still have that email where you agreed to the refund. The only point that I have tried to get across to you is that you agreed to the 50% refund. Every time you post a rebuttal you start in about how much you helped me and so forth. That is not the question that is up for debate. The fact is that you backed out of an agreement.

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      13th of Jun, 2011
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    Mark Holeman:
    Join the club. My wife requested a refund after only about 2 weeks into it after finding out she had cancer. She had bought into phase one AND Two. And the witch from New Hampshire would not refund a dime... money that could have been put to good use for medical treatments. These people may not be affiliated with this EPI crap anymore, but they are still thieves, and perhaps someday Karma will kick them all in the butt!

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