Embraer Hyland Construction and LogisticsScam / Fraud Identity Theft

Long story short this company offers up a job. It says you will train for five weeks at home taking various test along the way for a position of "Project Supervisor" throught the country. Afte the five weeks you will earn a paycheck of $1500 to $3000 depending upon how you did on your tests. After that you will be brought to the home office in NJ for the "Second Phase" of training. There is more to it than that but they are a Scam. There is no paycheck nor is there an office in NJ.

Somehow along the way they obtain your credit card information, even though you don't give it to them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jersey City, NJThey tell you they are going to post money to your card to have you buy them equipment and send to them. Which they do...and you send the equipment to them...and the money turns out to be stolen. Then you are out the money while having to pay it back to your credit card company.
The scam is very elaborate. Traing documents, phone calls from Sam Foster and emails daily. They even have a very good looking websit which I will provide photos of as it keeps going down...All part of the scam. If you go to and search "Embraer Hyland" you will see a list of people that have been scammed. They are also into Identity Theft as they obtain your social security number, even though you don't give it to them, and open up accounts in your name.

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