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Embarq DSL / Sounds like a scam!w

1 5454 W. 110 St.Overland Park, KS, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-837-5669

About two weeks ago I contacted Embarq service to inquire as to why my dsl service was now operating at the slow speed of dial-up tho I pay for hi speed dsl. Tech support had no solution for this problem, except to cut off and restart my modem. This had no effect at all. But just today I received an "offer" from Embarq to provide an increase in speed---for an additional $5.00 per month. I smell a rat and and a scam by Embarq. Overall the service by Embarq sucks and they still want to add a charge for which I am already paying but not receiving!

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  • Je
      9th of May, 2008
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    Hi -
    My name is Jenny R. and I work with Embarq online customer service. I am sorry that you have having trouble with your high speed internet connection and I would like to help you resolve that issue. The first issue that I would like to address is that you spoke about a flyer that you had received to upgrade your highspeed. This was not something to make you increase your price. I apologize that it came during this time that you are having issues with your speed. This was a flyer that was sent out to everyone to advise you that we have faster speeds in your area. Also if you would like for me to check on your internet speeds, I will be happy to assist you with this. You can Email me anytime at and I will be happy to work to correct your issue.

    Jenny R.
    Embarq Online Support

  • Mi
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    The 5.00 upgrade won't solve the problem. Basically Embarq is offering to increase your "max speed" for another 5.00 when they dont even have the bandwith to get you to the speed you are already paying for.

    This is a VERY well known problem within the company but you will find it very hard to get them to admit it. After the 3rd tech support guy I was handed off to, the guy finally acknowledged that my area just doesn't have enough bandwith and he read me the internal memo. This was about 6 months ago. Things have gotten a lot better since then with my bandwith but I wish the first person I talked to had just been upfront with me rather than being outright lied to.

  • Du
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    We've never been able to get access to cable and satellite is too expensive so our only option was DSL through Sprint when Embarq was still with them. I've had them for years and never have gotten the speeds I pay for. When I payed for 3mbps I barely managed 700kbps on my throughput. I've since dropped the $5 to increase to the supposed 5mbps but I still am lucky to get 1.5mbps on my throughput. I'm paying $30 a month on my internet connection alone and not even getting 30% of what I pay for. Granted there will always be some loss between the node, ISP, and finally server but 3.5mbps loss is absurd.

    I've called Embarq countless times about why I still don't get the speed I pay for though I've never gotten any customer service rep or technichan to admit that they don't have the bandwidth they say they do. I would not be surprised if they had my number blacklisted. Even when I still call all I get is an offer to try ftp tests and the like to servers they sanction. It's all a load of bologni, I moved for a short time last year and was able to get Comcast. I payed $60 for an 8mb connection and was almost capping out at 1000 kilobyte (the maximum download rate for 8megabits). I payed twice as much then and it was one hundred times more worth it then I've ever gotten from Embarq.

    I've recently moved back and I'm now stuck with Embarq again. I'm just praying for the day when the ignorant mass of Embarq subscrubers learn bit/byte conversion rates and get wise to Embarq's complete extortion of its customers.

  • De
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Embarq DSL - Customer Service SUCKS
    United States

    Embarq's customer service is absolutely, without question, the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. I ordered DSL 50 days ago. It's being installed TOMORROW.

    At first, they said it'd be 30 days. Already bad enough, but okay. Then 30 days came and went and we heard NOTHING, no updates, no calls to tell us it would be longer. So we called them, and they said "Well, soon. Maybe 40-45 days." Then I heard nothing again, but I kept calling. Some people would just say "Well, no, your service hasn't been activated yet." Well of COURSE it hasn't, that's why I'm calling! All but a couple agents were incredibly rude, didn't care, and most acted like I was at fault for picking them in the first place. Then the workers show up, and tell us it'll just be 2-3 more days. It's now been a week and a half. (Maybe if they wouldn't have stood around talking all day and left at 2pm every day . . .)

    So I call today and they give me the installation date - tomorrow. This is the first actual date I have heard in 50 days, by the way. I spent most of the afternoon on the phone - because I had told them this was a new place with NO PHONE JACKS - but nobody told me through this 50 days that I would have to purchase the jacks - at $75 each - even though I had made it quite clear that there was not a previous phone line in the house. One woman says they can add it to the order, one says they can't, they transfer to another who gets a manager who finally says we can.

    We were told about 20 days ago that we'd get free installation for all this trouble. The guy we spoke to today says that no, installation won't be free (again, the "bawwww, it's not OUR fault" mentality) but we can get a "$40 satisfaction credit" instead. $40 doesn't even begin to cover how DISSATISFIED I am with this whole ordeal. All I wanted was the free installation we were promised - and for one of these ###s to actually stop acting like it was MY fault for wanting their service.

    To top it all off, I'm paying THREE TIMES AS MUCH as I would for much faster, more reliable service through Time Warner, whose CS lines have ALWAYS been friendly and helpful - but I'm too far from the road to get cable anymore. Embarq has a monopoly out here and they know it - and they use it to act however they want.

    If you ever have to call them up, I suggest asking to speak with someone who isn't a complete idiot, but I bet they won't be able to help you either way.

  • Ms
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    myself and my mother also have alot of issues with embarq overall I think they scam people out of money and poor poor service. They help you then the next month you are right back to where you were with them. My mother had problems with them for quite awhile then when I decided to get them she warned me but what daughter really listens to her Mom. Well the first month I had a bill of over 500.00 now i had unlimited local and long distance mind you. Unless I am calling Guam I should not have over 500 dollar bills. Got that straighten out and they explained it was not put into my account but let me explain that before the bill came it clearly stated on my online account unlimited for both and the charges. Then the next month the same then the following month an extra charge for long distance cause I dialed Aol from another number then where i am located which I feel should be included in the unlimited long distance. Now another two months of problems with this blood suckers one month a man came out when I told them alot of static when it rains they charge 19.78 for the man to come say there is nothing he can do. Then they take the charge off Now again they are trying to charge me for the same service mans Call he did'nt come twice just once but they are trying to charge for it twice. UNBELIEVABLE I am cancelling my service and get a Cell phone, and I can't even go into what the problems my mother has had with them but that has been going on for almost two years and believe me if there were another service she would gladly switch also.

  • Gp
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    Embarq called me and convinced me to change my phone service. They swore that my features would not change (critical, since I run a business from home.) After the service implementation, my phones lines were no longer connected to one another, all three independent, which screwed up everything since only one call could be answered at a time. I called to complain and they were very rude. My next bill came and mysteriously all calls were routed to an outside provider STARTING ON THE DAY I COMPLAINED!!! MY BILL WAS $800.00!!! I would go to voip if I could.

    EMBARQ IS A BUNCH OF LYING, THIEVING ###! They will intentionally screw with you out of spite if you challenge them. Stay clear if you can!

  • Da
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    I am having an ongoing problem at night (7PM-11PM) with low download bandwidth. I pay for 1.5 Mbps but only receive .4-1.0 Mbps at night. I have complained over and over. They put a splitter in my house entry box. Still slow. They moved my port. Still slow. They (said) changed the board in the switch. Still slow. They won't even pay their people overtime to personally verify what I'm saying. I guess I'm going to try the BPU next. Maybe they or a politician can get them to fix what I am paying for. I forgot to say, it's now June 15th, 2009. I would NOT recommend anyone to get DSL from EMBARQ unless they have NO alternative!

  • La
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    Sounds like a class action is coming down the pike sooner or later. Buy a product, get faulty product, mass reporting of issue, mass psuedo attempts to resolve issue, internal corporate awareness of issue, general functioning corporate policy of shadow cover up, continued billing for said product while knowingly and purposefully delivering only partial
    product...$$$$$$ I need to retrain anyhoo...LAWSCHOOL!!!

    Maybe I could just say Im a lawyer, provide lawyerish services, bill people at lawyer rates... Hey Embarq, when you guys need to lawyer up over this thing, Im there dudes! (and dudettes) Call me!

    That being said, I have never had any problems with first Sprint and then Embarq, that were not were not worked out to a reasonable conclusion except...the dsl thingy. It isnt a big issue for me as I just dont need a huge amount of band width. Even though my dsl speeds are nowhere near advertised, its good enough for me. But...I dont get what I pay for and bugs me a little. With the "evil corporate empire" attitude thats out there these days, Embarq could be playing with fire...

    Hopefully this site is not linked to Embarq. They could read my ip, they have my phone number... address ... they ...
    their heeeeerrrrrreee :-(

  • Er
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    I have had Embarq for two years and have never once gotten 1.5 mb out of my dsl. And nights and weekends are a absolute nightmare. Everytime I call they constantly assure me that they are working on the issue which they label as bandwith exhaustion. They credit my account for dsl service but won't listen to me when I tell them that I pay 70 dollars a month because I need thier phone in order to have dsl through them. So they credit me for the dsl but not the phone costs! I don't ever use the phone and the only reason I have it is for the dsl! I live out in the country and Embarq is very unfortunately the only service besides dial up available to me. They must know this because they really don't care and have only once sent a man out to check my line and only when I threatened legal action and filing a complaint with the BBB. If you can stay away from Embarq by all means do so! They are scammers and don't ever provide the service they sell. I have called them a least 200 times yet they always say this is news to them and they don't see any record of me calling before. Amazingly disfunctional company. Stay Away from Embarq!

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