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I blogged about my experience at the job interview with Emarketed in Eagle Rock, and after sharing it on their website they blocked me, instead of clarifying that it wasn't their intent to keep me waiting. Very well, let my story be known elsewhere! I hope that if you're interviewing with Emarketed, this will help you have a more realistic expectation than I did.

Emarketed-- SEO, PPC, and Web Design company in Eagle Rock-- has posted three job ads on Craigslist in less than a month, each time with a lower pay range, leading naive job seekers on in each round. What kind of game are they playing?! Are they conducting a social science experiment to see how low they can go on salary without compromising talent? What is this?

After going to the interview at Emarketed in Eagle Rock, I just fell in love with the place. Very artsy, the employees were nice and I got to hang out with them while waiting for the interviewer. We got to talk about social media and miscellaneous professional topics, and I thought, WOW, I could see myself working here. When Matt Ramage, the interviewer came, he came in with his wife and they took me to the office. They seemed like such a nice, artsy couple with interesting art pieces in their office. I was not shy to tell them so, even at the risk of coming across as a kiss-up.

The interview progressed and I answered as best as possible. It seemed to be going well. He told me that it's good I have experience already, and that if I didn't know something, they can always train me. I thought, FANTASTIC! Then he asked me what number in the advertised range was I looking to be paid. The pay was advertised between $18 and 22 an hour, which is so much more than I ever have been paid (highest I've been paid is $15 and hour, most jobs between 11 and 13). Wanting to increase my chances I said 18! Lowest number on his range, which is still GOOD. As the interview was about to conclude, I asked how far along was he in the interview process and when should I expect to hear from them. He said "I've been interviewing all of last week and this week, I should be making a decision no later than the end of this week." I said, "Please let me know what you decide." He said, "Certainly." He seemed like a man of his word, but I was wrong.

This was on a Tuesday. The interview seemed to me to have gone well. I was excited, looking forward to the end of the week. Well! On Thursday night as I was looking through job openings, and I SAW THEIR JOB AD REPOSTED!!! I was so heartbroken, didn't know what to make of it. Also, I noticed their pay range was between $15 and 18 this time. I emailed him Friday morning, wishing him a Happy Valentine's Day, expressing that I eagerly await his reply, mentioning that I saw his ad reposted with a lower range, and that if that's the problem, I am eager and willing to work for the lowest number in the new range ($15, which is still good). I waited ALL day that day, thinking he would at least reply with some BS. NOTHING. All day Monday, nothing-- then I remembered it was President's Day. I called the office several times on Tuesday and Wednesday, with NO answer. I didn't want to leave a voice mail, because I have already seen they're the types to not get back unless it's a paying customer.

The lack of follow-up reflects poorly on the company. This lack of communication with candidates also affects their core business. Not only are candidates potential employees, they are potential customers and public relations agents. Any press isn't good press.

Emarketed/ SEO, PPC, and Web Design
Emarketed/ SEO, PPC, and Web Design
Emarketed/ SEO, PPC, and Web Design
Emarketed/ SEO, PPC, and Web Design

Feb 24, 2014

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